Family Fortunes

imageDoing readings today I spoke to a Mum and daughter on behalf of their family in Spirit. Later this evening I was with my friends celebrating two birthdays. Surrounded by family the birthday couple represented two generations of a family who have been through tough times. In the late evening sun the third generation of that family were the topic of some of our conversation. Although these children will never meet the family members who are now in the Spirit World the love from that side of life will still surround them.

Tomorrow in the UK we will be celebrating Fathers Day. We also celebrate Mothers Day in March. I know that for some people the family fortunes have been such that the bond between parents and children has been stretched or broken. Sometimes so early in life that we have no idea who our family actually is. The loss of an anchor point, a sense of belonging, can make it a challenge to have a sense of self or identity. It’s as if a particular chunk of love that should have been ours has disappeared. I believe that the gap this can create is one of the reasons that our loved ones in Spirit try their best to communicate with us.

That gap also appears when our loved ones die. I remember the strange feeling when my Dad died. Suddenly I was an orphan. Well into my adult life I no longer had the rock of a mother and father to support me. I felt like I was cast adrift on an open sea. My family was incomplete. I was sad that my daughter would miss out on knowing her grandad when she had only just begun to connect with him as a child instead of a baby or toddler.   Tough times indeed. However, I did have something to help me. I had the love from my family in Spirit. My Mum, Grandad and Nanna came through in messages and took time to let me know that they were around me.

In another message this afternoon the lady I was speaking to refused to have a message given by her grandmothers. She only wanted certain members of her family to step in. She hadn’t met her grandmothers so found it hard to understand why they would want to bring her messages anyway. I don’t know what her family fortunes were but I felt sad that no one had kept the memory of these two ladies alive for her. They were very strong women who wanted to offer her support now that she needs it in her family fortunes.

As I sat in the sunshine this evening and we talked about people now in the afterlife I felt the joy from the Spirits around us. They were delighted to be there celebrating too. Being mentioned brought smiles to their faces because they were ‘gone but not forgotten’. The next generation of this family will hear the stories again and again. The Spirit family will live on in the family still alive here.¬†Families fall in, fall out and fall in again. Time changes many things but the connections we have with our loved ones in Spirit endure outside of our earthly time.

No matter what your family circumstances the love of your Spirit family is always with you. Enjoy the family connections you have here on Earth too. No matter how challenging the relationships or circumstances. You chose to surround yourself with these lovely Spirits to help you grow, evolve and understand what unconditional love is all about.

Day 215 of my blogging challenge.

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