Fallen Angels? Soul Essence?

One of the Bible stories that made an impression on me was about Fallen Angels. Those beings who loved God so much they somehow fell out of favour and out of heaven.

I was confused. I had been told that all angels were good. They helped me. I had a Guardian Angel. If I needed anything the angels made it happen. Except that it seemed there were some who were bad. Not just naughty. But very bad because God had thrown them out. He stopped loving them apparently. It was a conundrum my child’s brain couldn’t solve. When I asked I got a lot of stuff about Lucifer, Satan and demons. All fallen out of love with God apparently. In fact it seemed that everything bad in the world was down to the fall of Lucifer and the rise of Satan.

When I began to research other religions the troublesome question about fallen angels kept reappearing. Had humanity made up these dark beings to excuse our own inner nastiness? Certainly being able to blame my dark side on an influence existing outside of me sounded like a good idea. At first. Because there is a lot of stuff about being tempted. But the temptation happens inside when I make my decision. Action only follows some sort of internal choice. No matter how much I would like to push the responsibility onto others. or to say it was a lack of thought. Even to say my feelings got the better of me. In reality I am the one who is in control of my mind and body.

Why then the idea of fallen angels? If I am the decision maker why do I need to absolve myself of what I have done?

Round and round went my inner debate. Every time I worked with someone who chose not to see that their actions had consequences. Every time I excused my bad behaviour by blaming it on others. All the times I fell into ‘the devil made me do it’ moments. For a long time this moral dilemma spun on whilst I got more confused. Then I met my Guides. Who were very keen for me to understand the practical difficulties of being a Spirit in a human overcoat. They helped me by showing me that I had fallen to Earth too. My choice to reincarnate was so that I could experience the absence of love.

And here is the really interesting bit. The angels chose to fall too. They removed themselves from the intimacy of Divine love. Not because of some bad behaviour. Or because they were any less loved. The fallen angels jumped of their own accord. With a very particular aim in mind. To bring the Divine Love as a Light into the world that was just forming. They volunteered to be in the here and now so that humanity would share that Love. Otherwise we would have begun in a total absence of love. And might never have evolved further. What a cold, dismal world it is when there is no inner or outer love. Yet each of us can still access the Love of angels.

The fallen angels fell from their dimension into ours as a gift. I remember that fall. So do quite a few of us.

To get this world started, to get humanity of the blocks so to speak, many Energy Beings came to this dimension. They came with gifts. I am sure that our ‘junk’ DNA contains those gifts. I’m also sure that the essence of these Energy Beings is still with us. I am part of a Soul Group who share the angelic essence. It was the gift to that group. It’s why the angels have always been real to me. It’s also the reason I can work with their energy comfortably. These ‘fallen’ beings continue to help us. They want us to recognise our soul essence and connect with out intuitive gifts. Not to temp us onto some sort of Ego path. But so that we can be more effective in listening to our Spirit within.

Somewhere along the line Ego corrupted our understanding of our connection to fallen angels. Religion became about power and control. I believe that is when our helpers became the Beings we blamed. Like a small child or an angry teenager it was all their fault.  I know it’s time to look again at our belief that evil is inspired by a Being outside of us. Time to take full responsibility for all I have said and done. Because it’s mine. Not the product of temptation. I am learning to love myself enough to own that. And to love other people when they still want to push the responsibility outside of themselves.

We are the fallen. We have fallen out of Love and need to find our way back. When we really grasp that we will be ready to change our world.

Day 498 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. Another lovely article, that covers a question I should imagine is asked by the masses. Thank you <3 <3 <3

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