Exploring the Energy of 2017

1_1039_m2Well, it’s turning into an up side down week! The cosmic chaos of the next energy wave has already started to hit so I’ve very much been going with the flow.

Feeling energised and exhausted all at the same time has become a bit of a way of life for me this past three months. The planet and all of us are slowly shifting gear. I know it’s time to get on with my spiritual mission. Yet I can’t seem to see through the fog yet. I’m still groping around in the dark looking for the light switch most of the time. Of course there are occasional flashes of light. When I am exploring the energy stream heading to us from 2017 there are bright flecks of illumination. The trick is to catch the inspirations and act on them. If I do so I will be setting myself a good year ahead.

So how do I go about exploring the energy coming in? First of all, I am very aware of energy signals. For the last ten years I have been out and about every week connecting to the energy flow on behalf of other people. Before that I mainly connected in for myself through Tarot, meditation and conversations with my Guides. Learning to tune in on a daily, even hourly basis, has helped me read the energy stream more and more accurately. Secondly, I am open to the reality that the energy flow has many currents. It is a hotch potch of criss crossing intentions, feelings and thoughts all muddled up together. That’s why using the Law of Attraction often ends in disappointment. Shaping energy requires a clear, unequivocal intention. Not something I always find easy to do.

Then I have to consider that what I am exploring might be the energy flow belonging to other people. We are all connected. How much of what I am sensing relates to the people I care about the most?

Wishful thinking can distort what I pick up. Perhaps my daughter wants me to make certain choices that suit her? Maybe my aunty hopes that I will do something that fits with her agenda? In the muddle of energy I have to sort out what belongs to me. Then I can be ready to accept what it brings in. And that’s the fourth thing. I have to be open to receive what is coming my way. That’s not quite as easy as it sounds. I remember being told I should develop my mediumship. There were opportunities for me to do so. I sat on the fence for a very long time. Not ready to receive that experience. Or to take actions that I understood might change my life forever.

Even then I was being intuitive! I sensed that exploring my psychic ability might have a deep impact on my beliefs and way of life. Since I wasn’t quite sure if that would be positive or not I sat back and refused to take action. Not quite the brave explorer I had always thought I was. But I learned. I learned to notice the prompting of my intuition. The flow of energy eventually immersed me in new information. Out of it came some amazing leaps forward. Now I’m back to another set of leaps. 2017 is an Ascension year. What I begin next year will change my life once more.

I know that, even if I don’t know exactly what I will be beginning. I’ve moved from Growth Into Awareness into Growth Into Ascension.

It’s scary, exciting and an adventure. I suspect it’s going to be another wild ride. Ten years ago I approached the energy of change that had entered my life with a lot of nervousness. I was unsure what would turn up in the fog around me. This time I can’t wait. The little glimpses I have had are amazing. I really do want my chance to go exploring and have an escapade or three. There are others joining me on the journey. What a fab way to connect to each other. So it’s time to travel light, travel free and travel with joy <3

Day 382 of my blogging challenge.

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