Excitement Building: What Happens Next?

excitementNineteen days to go! I can feel the excitement building already. Soon I will have finished my blogging challenge. I set out to do thirty days. Then changed it to one thousand and one. And now I’m nearly finished.

That’s nearly three years of my life spent writing a blog a day.┬áSo many good things have come out of the self-discipline of sticking to the task I set myself. But now I feel excitement all over again. Yes I suppose I am wondering what it will feel like not to sit down and review my intuitive day. Certainly I will end an opportunity to channel in the guidance from the kind hearted Energy Beings who have helped me. Also it will feel strange not to be checking into my website so often. But I am freeing up creative space. Giving myself room for something new to come in. Letting the Universal energy manifest a fresh start for me. That really gets my attention.

I am excited about all sorts of new possibilities. The excitement is powering me forward even if I am feeling like things might be going backwards due to the Mercury retrograde influence. Today I have taken some opportunities to let that energy build. To let my mind leap into creative inspirations. And to explore all the strands of conversation that have carried the seeds off new energy. I’ve also been very aware of the Seventh Ray energy that is blasting into our world at the moment. St Germain has been colouring my world with violet to dissolve old stuff. Along with emerald green for higher heart healing. As my heart lifts my Spirit within is finally starting to sing.

I am on track. Exactly where I need to be. Doing what I planned to do. The excitement flowing through my aura like a warm and powerful tide. Extinguishing the fear of change. Removing the doubt. Inspiring me to hope. And, best of all, encouraging me to take the next big leap of faith. So I am sending you the energy of St Germain tonight. To help you get excited and empowered.

Day 982 of my blogging challenge

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