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imageThe requested resource could not be found but may be available in the future. Subsequent requests by the client are permissible! Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you had skipped a page or chapter in your life? That something you expected to be there wasn’t any longer? When you went to connect with someone or thing it was missing? On one of those days it seems like no matter how hard you try you can’t get back the missing piece of your life. You ask yourself where your error was. How did what you were expecting to be there disappear?

My friends know I’m a bit of a technophobe. Once I know how to drive a computer, iPad or other gizmo I’m ok. But when anything is changed or upgraded I go into panic mode trying to get up to speed with the changes. My phone has features I’ve never even used because I worry that by the press of a button I will loose all my carefully stored data. One little error with these buttons and everything might zoom into a black hole. I will eventually master my phone’s resources, probably right before the next upgrade, lol. So it is always interesting to find life mirroring technology. When a connection to someone isn’t there any more I always wonder why. Even more so if it’s that my connection to the Spirit World that has suffered a glitch.

I confess to being forgetful. I can spend ages looking for the bit of paper with the note I need on it that matters right now. I put down books some place and find them three months later having looked high and low. The email I know I have somewhere on my computer refuses to turn up when I search for it. Or I put something away in a safe place and forget where that place is. I tend to find stuff when I’m really looking for other stuff I need right then. Sometimes the item is gone for good. In a similar way connections to other people can be like Error 404 too. We expect people to stay the same, to relate to us in the same pattern they always have and to be there when we look for them. Sometimes this isn’t a realistic expectation. People change. Or we change within ourselves and they don’t. Or the tide of life drifts us away from one another. Life long friendships are rather rare. They represent  a connection that has stood the fallings in and fallings out, absences and all of the internal changes in each person. More typically we have connections to people who we can identify with until the point when we can’t share any common ground any longer. Sometimes we know that this is happening. Sometimes the connection is severed abruptly.

I’ve also experienced Error 404 occasionally with Spirit connections. I’ve been ready to contact someone, or my Guides, and nothing has happened. It’s like the energy to enable me to do so has disappeared. In the beginning my first reaction was to worry that the link had been switched off permanently. Later I came to understand that there are many reasons why the connection might not happen. These include a change of Guide, giving me a rest, the circumstance not being the best to connect in or too much going on for me personally. So I can always try again (and again and again) if necessary until the connection is back in place.  That leads me back to the missing page or chapter. If a connection is lost there is always a way of identifying why, trying to reconnect and if that isn’t possible understanding why the thing, person or Spirit has moved out of your life. We can always think about the energy transaction that was being made, that is, why was that thing, person in your life? What gift did they bring you and what gift did you bring them? How did you evolve by the connection you had? Rather than stressing about my website getting updated regularly I focus on the fact that blogging is giving me a voice I want to hear. When someone moves out of connection with me I focus on what I have learned about myself as a result of our interactions. And when the Spirit World goes quiet for a bit I take time off for myself.

The next time you feel like you have skipped some pages and have missed some information look at what has changed. It’s not an error or glitch. Be glad that life is fluid and interesting and fill in the blanks (if you feel you need to) in positive ways until new pages are written.

Day 200 of my blogging challenge.

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