Erin’s Story: Gladys The Fairy Pays A Visit

Erin liked to play. Every day she ran outside to be in the fresh air, climb trees and find puddles to splash in.

Erin smiled at the sunshine. She smiled at the rain. She chased the wind whichever way it blew. She rolled in the leaves that fell from the trees. Danced in the snow as it reached her knees. Counted the daffodils as they bobbed their heads. And sang with the bees who flew round the flowers. Scratching in the mud she built stone castles. Gathering sticks she made fairy doors. Quietly she watched as the animals moved. She loved her place and all it’s life.

One day a brittle wind blew. People were sad and angry too. The world was suffering a major change. But no-one seemed to want to explain. Why had the bees decided to die? Where were the flowers usually so high? The animals seemed to have stolen away. The trees were weary so Erin was sad. All the wonder seemed to be turning bad. One bleak and frost afternoon Erin noticed the rising moon. She seemed to have tears in her eyes. Erin wondered if the planet was going to die.

Off to one side she saw a flash. Deep green and the green of grass. She looked across and there she stood. A tiny fairy seemingly made of wood.

Who are you Erin asked. The fairy seemed to pause in a task. Though tiny she was certainly strong. She held a garden fork with enormous prongs. I’m Gladys Giddy the fairy said. Just pretend I’m all in your head. I can’t said Erin, that would be a lie. And they’re not good I know for sure. My mum would tell me off , she’s a bit of a doer. Do the right thing she always says. Truth will out no matter what. So I’d rather not cross her. It could get hot. Gladys came closer. I’ll tell you true, the planet is suffering for the likes of you. What do you mean Erin asked. I love my planet, I really do. People don’t care said Gladys, nearly in tears. It’s been one of our biggest fears.

You stopped believing in fairy lore. You banished us from your shore. You took what you wanted. Again and again. Now the planet has acid rain. We’ve done our best to try and warn. But you would rather pretend we’ve never been born. Not me cried Erin. It wasn’t me. I didn’t ask for eye tee. For machines and products all in a row. Not for me. No, no, no. I want the trees, the flowers and grass. I want the bees and birds and ponds and frogs. I want the branches and the logs. How can I help to make it better. Does the Prime Minister need a letter? Gladys smiled. I’m glad to hear it. I saw you every day enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Remind the grown ups, if you can, that one way or another the planet will outgrow man.

Tell your children when they are small that not all fairies want man to fall. We can work together to save the planet. With love and care and kinder times all living things get better lives. Don’t forget me Gladys said, when you get your grown up head. See me in the heart of every flower. Show your grandchildren the fairy bower. Remain true because your planet needs you. In twinkle and sparkle Gladys was gone. Erin ran home to tell her mum. And every year even though now grown Erin plants wildflower seeds to honour the fairies and serve Earth’s needs.

Day 516 of my blogging challenge 

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