Enjoy Taking Time

imageSometimes I have to remind myself that it’s time to take time for me. It’s all too easy to have a list of ‘to do’ items that fill up your day. So we spend time organising ourselves with ‘time management’ as if slicing up the allotted time a different way will find us some more hours in the day. If you work for yourself it seems to be a common pitfall. Feeling like you have to do everything immediately because someone wants something now. Or saying yes to everything you are asked in case you disappoint a customer. Then you have to squeeze the rest of life’s routine tasks like eating & sleeping somewhere around all those yes promises. So how do I find time to enjoy myself if I’m always chasing time?

Thre is an old saying ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. Whenever I heard those words I recognised that I was being encouraged to slow down, take my time and do something to the best of my ability. I’m certain I’ve forgotten that advice many times. Rushing to get everything done, or even just the ones that were a priority, I end up getting muddles, stressed or making errors. The pressure is on to do everything asked of us all the time so going back to that saying is one of the ways I make time I can enjoy. That might mean I focus on the things I like doing a bit more than those I don’t. It’s also about making sure I find things to do outside of my work & life tasks that I enjoy.

So today is a short blog. I have walked away from the piles of work on my desk, the emails still waiting for replies and the text messages. I’m going to enjoy reading a chapter of a book, enjoy eating a lovely piece of fish, enjoy my shower and then I’m going to enjoy going out for the evening. I’m even going to enjoy staying up late to see a show. That might be accompanied by a gin & tonis that I’m sure I will enjoy. I’m taking the time for me because without any breaks we wear ourselves out. We get exhausted. We start to believe that we aren’t worth time off or time for ourselves. And we loose sight of the joy in life.

Tomorrow I may be tired but I will also be refreshed. The boost of spending time on me, being in positive energy, will set me right for the week ahead. I’ll be able to get back into my working stride feeling like I matter to me. So whenever you feel the exhaustion of ‘I don’t matter’, when you feel like all you do is give, give, give to others, step out of your busy day and enjoy taking time for yourself.

Day 165 of my blogging challenge. 

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