Energy Sensitivity

imageOne of the things I started to learn very early on in my development of my intuitive abilities was that it meant I could sense energy. Not just make a good guess at how people were feeling but that I could feel how people were feeling. This energy sensitivity got stronger as my clairsentience improved. It got so strong that I could ‘feel’ people’s pain, fear, love, sadness very clearly. I could also feel their physical aches and pains too. When I connected to Spirit people I could use the sensitivity to feel the illnesses, physical characteristics and features they had when alive. It was a shock to experience the heart attack one Spirit gentleman had passed with. The pain I ‘felt’ made me wonder if I was actually having a heart attack too. Learning to separate my physical and emotional feelings from other people and from Spirit people was a key part of understanding energy vibrations.

As my senstitivity to these vibrations grew I also noticed that I could pick up the energy of objects, other living things and the land itself. Psychometry – getting information about objects – is a psychic technique based on sensing the energy of something you are touching or holding. I got very good at psychometry by understanding that the energy of many people can be in layers around an object. The secret is to sort out the energy of the current owner from all the rest who might have handles the object. I once read a ring for someone who couldn’t understand any of the info I was giving her. It turned out the ring was second hand so who knows whose memories I was connecting to. That taught me to always consider the info I get very carefully before passing it on. And to focus better on the info I was going looking for.

Eventually I also started to tune in to the energy around us and to the land itself. Mother Earth has a conciousness and an energy vibration. We are all a part of the energy flow. So it is possible to ‘feel’ the feelings of our planet. Standing with our feet on the ground we have a direct connection with the Earth’s energy if we choose to pay attention to it. As this aspect of energy sensitivity opened up for me I found that I could be involved in directing that energy from point to point around the planet. Mostly the energy being transferred is for healing purposes though sometime it’s also necessary to balance the Earth’s chakras and aura energy. What is also apparent when you work with Earth healing is that the flow of energy is also connected to the wider solar system and the Universe. We are all receiving blasts of energy from a Universal source too.

The planet and everyone on it is regularly bathed in the incoming energy. If we tune in, or if we happen to have been open & sensitive all of our lives, then we will respond to these regular blasts of energy more strongly than people who are still zoned out. There are cycles to the energy blasts. They tend to build up, peak and then die back. At each pass of energy we react by surfacing stuck energy, releasing fears and increasing our overall energy vibration. This is the same for everyone whether you can sense it or not. Symptoms of a positive energy wave tend to be heightened awareness, a general increase in noticing how others are feeling, feeling the need to release stuck emotions, tiredness, poor or restless sleep, exhaustion, stronger intuition and a feeling of just knowing. The waves of energy are designed to bring about healing so towards the peak of the wave people can be more irritable, angry, fearful or gloomy. As the emotions are released the wave fades out leaving a drained feeling but also an underlying positive energy feeling. New ideas, choices and options emerge out of the release of stuck energy.

Another wave is currently with us. It’s a strong one that will peak on 26th April around 23.23 GMT. It is surfacing anger based on injustice, fear of lack and judgemental attitudes. If you are already energy sensitive be kind to yourself when these feelings surface in you & the people around you. Don’t develop an over sensitivity. I always tell myself it’s a phase everyone is going through. I also try to focus on letting the feelings go as easily as possible. As the energy fades over the next five days remind yourself that you are a valuable Spirit in a human body doing the best you can to experience life positively. Be gentle with yourself when around other people who are also getting the same blast. Let them get on with clearing their stuff whatever way they can and don’t take anything personally. We are in a waking up phase. There will be lots more energy waves this year to get us aligned with living the life that is positive and joyful for us. To do that we have to be self aware and prepared to heal ourselves.

Ride each wave as if you were the best surfer in the world, not afraid of being dunked in the water now and again, always ready to climb back on your surfboard to meet the next big rush of energy. And remember, sensitivity to energy can be a powerful way to improve your life.

Day 161 of my blogging challenge.

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