Choosing the Energy of the Next Nine Years

img_2381This has definitely been a Nine year. Full of upset, endings, parting of the ways and closure. Also full of refelction, truth and searching. As a Nine person I can find a Nine year more of a challenge than most.

That’s why today I needed a bit of help with making sense of it all. So much has happened to me on an inner, personal level this year. A lot has gone by in a blur. Often I’ve felt like I’ve bounced from one situation to the next, steering myself purely by what it felt right to do at the time. Thinking about ending this year and how I want my December to be I realise I want it to be very different than all those other Decembers of the last nine years. And the ones before it back to when my Mother died. That changed December in a very big way for all of my family.

As I write this blog I recognise that an important anchor went with my Mother. Yet she came back to me as a Guide. I had to become independent in my human life whilst we shuffled the relationship around. Then we could work together without compromising my free will choices. She has been very much around in the past couple of weeks. Along with my Nanna, her mother, my Dad and other family members. They have been standing strong for me while I worked out what I learned about myself this year. And then began working out what I want 2017 to be for me.

As the energy of new beginning approaches I know that the Universe is offering me anything I want. I have so many options. But there is the trap. Do I revert to old habits, my comfort zone, which means I stay restricted. Or do I seize the new?

It’s an important decision. I know that I will be setting up the energy for the next nine years by the choices I make. In fact that’s true for all of us. Even if I get a huge blast of new energy, if I’m not careful, I am going to be containing it in my old patterns. Of course that won’t work. The new energy will fade away due to my old choices. New energy will carry me forward over the next nine years only if I invest it in new beginnings. Not the trick of seeing the old as new. But the clear sightedness of recognising something as genuinely being new. So back to thinking about what I’ve learned about my patterns in the last nine years.

Sometimes I need a prompt. This afternoon I got out my tarot cards. An old, familiar friend when I’m stuck. My thoughts were all over the place. I asked in my mind for help. What could the cards tell me, and everyone else, about this new year? Of course, I ended up pulling card number one in the Major Arcana. In my pack it is called Awareness (the Magician in other interpretations). As I read the information these two sections stood out: “This card is one of the key reminders that you already possess all of the tools to guide and direct you in your life.” ‘This card represents your ability to create your own reality – to set ideas into motion and watch them grow.”

I was smiling to myself as I reached for the next card. It’s true. I know so much more about myself, my abilities and skills than I did at the start of this nine year cycle. And I’m ready to use my wisdom to create my dreams.

The second card I got was also in the Major Arcana. It was Fertility (the Empress in other packs). Once again I looked to the information in the book. I read “Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. You’re the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past … are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy.”  I have certainly had a lot of new dreams this year.

When I’ve been coping with the challenges of bringing my Spirit being more fully through into my human being I’ve imagined as much positive as I could. I’ve known I needed more than me to get my dreams into reality. The people and Energy Beings around me have been a key part of my choices. Their support, actions and reactions have informed what I’ve done. And what I have chosen for my future. Feeling like I am grounded back in to a clear vision I know that I will be stepping as far out of my comfort zone as I can reach. I’m saying yes to the scary new. The safe new is a trap I want to avoid.

Sometimes my inner intuition is scrambled. Like today. How wonderful to see my way by using the gift of the Tarot. In two days it’s the birthday of Margaret. She was the Earth Guide who introduced me to reading cards 24 years ago. I like to think that from her place in the Afterlife she approves of the way I still call on her lessons to help me see the way forward. Thank you my dear friend ❤️️

Day 384 of my blogging challenge. 

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