Energy Beings: It’s Good to Talk

I’ve heard it said that it’s good to talk. I have to say it was for me. My journey into mediumship really became a possibility when I became a therapeutic counsellor. Talking became my trade.

The fascinating thing about being a counsellor is the way I had to deal with my own feelings and thoughts. How could I be present and authentic for the people who came to me if I was carrying baggage too? So I had to take time out to talk. To a counsellor to see what being a client felt like. And to a Supervisor to help me identify my stuff so it wouldn’t cross over into the client’s stuff. As I became more used to talking I also discovered the power of silence. Of listening to the other person. Paying attention to what was said so I could understand their world view.

Eventually I also found myself noticing something that clients found hard to talk about. Their beliefs about an Afterlife or a Divine or even about Spirits. Yer these themes came into the conversation in one way or another. Often for me to mirror back to that person so they could get a different viewpoint for a while. By picking up the threads of those subjects it seemed I could get people talking more. I also found my own thoughts being drawn to my beliefs. What did I believe? As I focussed on this more and more outside of the therapy room I felt as if someone or something wanted to make contact with me.

I have to say it took me some time to recognise their need to talk to me too. I was so busy deciding if I believed in an Afterlife.

Going backwards and forwards with myself meant listening to them was a bit side tracked. But eventually I did realise that I wanted to know more. And that the best way to find out was to talk to the Spirit people. At that point I found my way to connect better. I also found that my therapy work seemed to be drifting into more of a spiritual counsellor role than a therapeutic one. The emphasis was different. I was helping people who wanted to find meaning in their lives. Often through a connection to a sense of Divine life. Finally the pressure to talk to the Spirit people clearly and unambiguously led me to a development group.

That’s where the emphasis on talking took on a new aspect. It’s harder to communicate if you are speaking different languages. Harder still if you can’t see, hear or touch that person. Lots of ways of talking get ruled out. I had to learn to process what I was feeling, both in my physical body and through my emotions. It was a big relief when I could finally ‘talk’ in this new way. Better still the other ways improved too. With continued practice, regular sessions of talking, I am now happy to be fluent in Spirit communications. And it is good to talk with them. Because I can pass on the love and support they have for us. Who wouldn’t want to share in that!

Day 468 of my blogging challenge. 

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