The End Is In Sight: Closing The Year

endIt’s my last full working day of 2017. The end really is in sight. I have one or two small things to do this week and next but I’m really off duty until 7th January. Bliss!

In fact there have been lots of endings this year. More than I expected when I started the year. And some difficult choices making it hard for me to acknowledge what needed to end and what I could keep. However, I’m satisfied that I’m heading in a good direction. Because I feel tired of lots of things. That means to me it’s a good time to look for new beginnings. I know I won’t miss quite a lot of what I have previously done. The time to do those things has passed. And others are stepping forward to take up the slack. It feels lovely to pass the healing, services and teaching on to people who are ready for the work. They have fresh energy, insight and enthusiasm.

So an end for me is always a beginning for someone else. Leaving me free to start my new projects. And put my energy into things I perhaps haven’t tried before. So, although it can be hard, change has brought me to a positive end point. With a lot waiting for me when I step back into work in January. Of course my daily blogs will continue. I have another year of writing them to reach my target. Book number two is also pushing me. It wants to be written as soon as possible. I will also be continuing to mentor and do Spirit or Tarot readings. However, right now, anything else is a distraction. January is the month for sorting out a new way of working and living. Not a New Year’s set of resolutions. Instead I am sending out my New Moon wishes tonight.

That is also a part of me closing the year. Being very clear about what I want to end and what I want to start. After all, the Universe will send in whatever I want. As long as I remember to ask for it. As this year draws to a close what are your New Moon wishes?

Day 755 of my blogging challenge

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