Emotional Overload

I find myself in a strange place once again. A day of emotional overload but a strong urge to find the Light within everything. To find the Love somehow.

Once agin there have been events that drew a fearful, hateful response from some of the people around me. Another terrorist attack and an overload of grief and sadness. Yet in amongst the hateful words about the London attackers I noticed the strength and determination of those of us who want to focus on the love humanity shares. Particularly as the One Love Manchester show happened tonight. I thank my Intuitive Group for being with me this afternoon so that we could focus on sending out healing. And a good friend who I had coffee with. Talking helped me process all of the jumbled ideas going around my head. How to rise above the hatred once again?

i know it’s easy, when emotions overload the energy ocean, to get dragged into wanting to respond to violence with more violence. But that’s not the answer. Would we be saying the same things if people had died becuase of a drunk driver? Yet death feels the same in both cases. And for the families surely the loss is the same whatever the circumstances?  Do we want the drunk driver killed or sent away to another country? Or do we blame all the people who have a drink? Or all the people who drive? These thought were in my mind as I was inspired to do a live video on my Facebook page. How do I step back from this latest attack and find a way to honour all those who died or were injured? What will help their families most?

Perhaps the best I can do is to get a grip on my feelings. To stop the overload. So I stop myself from saying hate-filled words I might live to regret.

There is a back story to every person’s life. All sorts of reasons why we make the choices we do. I believe it is wrong to take a life. But I also understand that this is an ideal not always easy to live up to. Especially when you have been told, over and over again, that the killing is justified. When you have become hardened to the idea that other people have a right to life too. Those times when the leaders around you have excused killing or glorified it. I know that I have a choice. I hope I use it wisely. But I don’t know exactly what circumstances might produce in me the desire to kill. I hope I never find out. But I’m also resistant to hate-speak, indoctrination and mind games.

I’ve lived long enough to understand that death is the end point of every life. And that it’s not my place to judge. To overload situations with too much emotion only complicates matters. So I take a more simplistic view. And I believe that the way to view these events is through the eyes of love and hope. Because hope is the key to ending this. I hope that people will recognise their own prejudice. It’s there in the horrible things they are typing and saying. Anger, hate, grief doesn’t excuse it when you are too remote from the situation to really feel the pain. Nor does feeling like you have a right to say these things as if they are a truth. The truth is that bad things happen.

What good people do is work hard, through the choice of good words, to prevent them happening again. Good people are prepared to listen rather than launch the bombs or shoot the guns. And good people try to find love for their fellow humans so that they can change the world for the better.

Day 559 of my blogging challenge 

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