Structured Education Versus Crystal Freedom

The end is in sight. I’m almost out of a nightmare that has dragged on too long. It’s education. Or the lack of it for a Crystal child.

My daughter is one of the early Crystals. They began dropping in from 2000 onwards. And their vibration is pure love. They are old souls. Mostly Atlantean. Here with a very firm mission to change our energy vibration for the better. They are the key to our education about choosing love over fear. They are here to teach us that unconditional love can work. Many of the Crystal children I have met are very clear what they are here for. They had told me over and over again how frustrating they find it when having to follow the structured system that we call education.

Crystal children bring with them a wise head and heart full of wisdom. They are intrigued by our approach to living on the planet. I know that they feel we waste too much time in doing and forget to be. That we fill our heads with lots of information but ignore the obvious suffering in front of of our noses. I am glad that I have had to interact with a Crystal child up close and personal. It has been an amazing spiritual challenge. One I found much harder because of the assumption that my child would follow the education system in the UK. I never realised how much that assumption, strongly held by others, would bring us so much misery.

One thing I know about Crystal children is that they are intelligent. They are wise for their years. And they deal with the world through their intuitive senses.

You can’t lie to them. Ever. They will know. And wonder why you need to tell lies. So they don’t respond to rules that teachers make up without any thought. Or commands to do things when a teacher is thinking badly of a child or children. They can be a challenge. They respect authority only when it’s based on truth. And they haven’t a clue why anyone would want to bully anyone else. It’s quite a mix. As I watched my daughter’s personality emerge I knew that she would be different. School systems couldn’t handle her boredom at the repetition. If she was told something once she had got it. Or the ‘off the wall’ questions she asked.

The education system also can’t handle that she processes more than one activity at a time. She really can be on a computer, paying attention to a TV programme and dreaming up the next plot twist for her book. Oh, and listening to the conversations going on around her. I’ve tested this time and again. It’s no wonder studying one subject at once is her idea of hell. Or that she drifts off into daydreaming all the time. But still pulls the right answer out when challenged by the teacher. Yet for all of this her schools preferred to look for labels. Or to hold back her development. Or mostly ignore her ability. Bless my daughter. She just searched out the information online for herself.

That’s the precious thing about Crystal children. Their passion for understanding anything that grabs their attention. And it’s a point the education system misses.

Crystals focus on what they need to know when they need to know it. I understand when my daughter goes into ‘research’ mode. She wants to search the Internet, read books, watch TV about a particular subject. It can go on for weeks. Until she is full up of that information and decides to process it. Then I see how much she has educated herself. Because she will sit down and tell me, in great detail if I wish, all about the subject she has been interested in. I love her way of learning. Crystals are self directed. They are curious. I’ve seen her spend vast amounts of time on something over and over again. Yet I couldn’t get her schools to understand.

For the better part of twelve years I have been asking the schools to deal with who my daughter is. Not what the education system thinks she ought to be. I know that I bowed to pressure at times to see if I could get her to conform. Result – one miserable child. I also stood against the schools as strongly as I could and she had two spells of home education. In a couple of months she will walk away from the school system for good. The place where Crystal children are square pegs being hammered into round holes day in and day out. Although I have to say the last six month have been better. We found her a place at an Academy where she could study her way.

And study she has. Extra classes three days a week and in the holidays. All because she wants to do well for herself. In the end education in a school setting is likely to be a challenge for any Crystal child until we change what we do. I hope that happens soon.

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