Early Bird. Where’s the Worm?

imageI’m a night owl. I’ve always been a night owl. I’d like to stay a night owl. Yet this morning I’ve had to be an early bird. So I definitely want to find the worm!

Like the early bird I’m writing my blog early too. I usually do my reflecting and blogging about 11pm at night. However,  I might be fast asleep by 9pm tonight. It’s the 6am getting up that is throwing me off my routine. Speaking of which, I will have to become an early bird because my routine is changing. My daughter has to leave the house much earlier now so getting up at 6am will become the normal thing eventually. Chatting to her about it I wondered what my ‘worm’ would turn out to be.

What treat can compensate for such an early start? I’m travelling again next week so the reward of an early get up is a visit to Tenerife. Where perhaps I can slip back into night owl mode for a few days, lol. Back at home I wonder if I will get more time for my art. Or perhaps this change is to give me more meditation time. Or writing time. I’m not sure more housework time could be called a treat. There will be more time for a proper breakfast. More time to gather myself before I launch into the day. Though I’m not sure how it will work when I’m back quite late from services or evenings out.

Funnily enough, this morning I did see some of my totem animals. The crows and magpies seemed to make a point of crossing my path. Were these birds trying to show me that the new routine is the worm itself?

Sometimes I really resist change. I tell myself I can’t do it. Clinging on to the old habits I restrict the flow of new energy into my life. I’m sure we all do this to an extent. Then the Universe changes things so much that I can’t resist any more. At least not if I want to be sensible with myself. Holding on to the old can end up consuming all of my time and energy. Change comes anyway. I can’t hold back the energy tide forever. So perhaps today I need to give in gracefully. Let my night owlishness fade into the background. After all, it’s only for the next nine months. Or so I think.

Lol. That sounds like a pregnancy. Perhaps there is a creative effort I need to make over the next nine months that fits with the energy of early morning. That sounds much more rewarding and a great reason to get up sooner. What I feel is that my life is entering a new phase. It’s time, once more, for me to do things differently. To rediscover the early bird I was as a child. And there is another clue. Staying up late was always attractive to me because it’s what the adults did. So is it really my choice or something I do to be grown up? Am I finally at the time of my life when I can appreciate a child-like world view once more?

I hope so. Imagination, creativity, honesty, fun. All the qualities of a child’s eye view of the world. A great reason to be the early bird.

So I’m going to embrace this change. Even if I have to up my coffee intake for a few days. Until I get adjusted to running on morning time. I choose to see this as a positive thing. Something to be embraced wholeheartedly. Who knows what will come out of starting the day an hour or two earlier. I’m sure it will all fall into place exactly as it should ?

Day 297 of my blogging challenge.

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