Duality: Feminine and Masculine in Me

Duality. Two aspects of something. I really appreciate the support I get from my Guides when I’m trying to work things out and find my balance. I would like my energy to blend well so that I radiate peaceful positivity. But how do I achieve that?

I love that this world is created with so many challenges. But I’d also like to stop fighting myself. What is it about duality? Why is it necessary to have male and female? Night and day? Light and shadow. Us and them? I could go on endlessly about the way in which I bump into two aspects of something time and again in my day. It’s like all the positive and negative energy. I’ve come to understand that energy, of itself, can’t be bad or good. It’s me who chooses to use my energies in certain ways who create the consequences of my actions. And whether I experience those consequences as helpful or painful. Yet why have two of everything?

I was thinking about this today. I caught myself laughing at the story of Noah’s ark. The idea that  two of every animal kept the population of the world going. You see we even divide our reproduction into needing two halves to make a whole. Except that there are instances in nature where one will do. Where a cell is asexual and divides itself. Or a plant becomes both masculine and feminine to reproduce. So why all this focus on two you might wonder. Of course it came from one of my conversations. All about how to make a difference in the world. To work towards an inclusive, equal society. Which has to start first with the way we divide our understanding of our species into feminine and masculine.

Added into the mix was my Letters From The Light Side video broadcast. The Energy Beings are reminding us this week to find and live as our authentic selves. How do I live a truthful life as a female in an unequal world?

And so the conversation about duality. About being a woman or a man and what that might mean. Into a discussion about the energy that makes us a whole human. And finally, a meditation all about balance. The push from my Guides was all about my inner duality. I have to remember that I have the benefit of both feminine and masculine energy. Neither energy is better. Both are necessary. And important. My female energy is my creative force. The part of me that dreams up grand plans and schemes. My male energy makes my dream a reality. Without the dream or the skills to make it so I am reduced to living only a part of my life. It’s important for me to honour both sides of me.

It’s also important to use and balance both energies wisely. I have to pay attention to both in order to be my true self. If I do this I can blend the best of myself and send that energy back out into the world so that my dreams will come true. Not an easy task when there is so much conditioning around what it is to be female. And what it is to be male. I live in a time when the energy is out of balance in the outer world. Where people who contain duality within express only one form of themselves without. It’s as if we have lost the ability to recognise these deeply entrenched positions. I have heard lots of debate about feminism and equality where the speakers can’t seem to see how slanted their position has become.

I guess that sometimes the duality is too hard to live with. When you are coming from a position of having to reclaim equality addressing the double nature of the energy within can be a challenge.

Especially if, like me, you have spent most of your life on the receiving end of discrimination. For being born the gender I am. Yet wanting to do all of the things that the opposite gender take for granted. And wanting to have my views heard in room full of men. Duality, I could kick you sometimes. Or kick me for choosing to come into this path. Apparently for my spiritual growth. Or so my Guides keep cheerfully reminding me whenever I’m on the receiving end of some mansplaining or don’t get to finish my sentences because he wants to make his point very clear to me. Even with three brothers I love and admire it’s very hard to be a woman in what is, still, a mans world.

However, I can also recognise the masculine in me. I can embrace it. The gift of duality is that I can tap into both energies to help me navigate this uncertain world. It’s not about being poles apart in the outer world. It’s about being a whole, joined up person inside. Loving myself for all of the energies I contain. Giving myself permission to use both these flows of energy to manifest the best life for me. If I can balance both aspects of myself I can put that combined energy out for others. I can give them permission to share their feminine and masculine energy combination in a way that works best for both of us. I can remove from myself the judgemental ideas I have picked up from around me. What makes a woman a woman? What makes a man a man? Perhaps it’s finally time to change this into what makes me a me? And what makes us an us?

Day 465 of my blogging challenge. 

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