A Drive On The Moor Above The Clouds

Today I got a chance to go for a drive over the moor. It’s a road I’ve travelled many times over the last twenty years but I’m always struck by how my mind seems to clear up there.

I left all of my tasks behind. Escaping from the electronic world of social media too. Forgetting that there was even such a thing as a General Election. My little car climbed the big hill and took me into another world. The moor was washed by rain. There were heavy clouds in the sky full of the promise of more rain. But I was cosy and dry inside my vehicle. There was no other traffic on the road so I felt wrapped in a bubble. The wind blew the rain around. As it swirled about me my heart sang. Here is the land of Wuthering Heights. It can be wild and unforgiving. Yet on a sunny day the vast space invites me to walk and climb. To explore and have adventures.

I have to say it was the perfect antidote to all of the uncertain, waiting energy that has lurked around all week. Positions have become polarised. Discussion has turned into argument. As my Guides would say – for what? We are deciding who should take the decisions that affect our lives. Yet at the same time our lives will carry on much as they have always done. The moor is steadfast. It exsists and no amount of man-made things can alter that the land continues underneath us. The sky continues above us. The rain will still fall. If not over this particular bit of land then over somewhere else. I feel like we have forgotten how inventive and resourceful humanity is. Isn’t that our evolution?¬†Like the moor we can still be here.

The moor represents the continuity of the planet. It encourages me to hope for our future. Whoever holds power has it only for a short time if I consider the age of the moor. Clear headed I carried on my day ready to enjoy the next one and the next one and the next one.

Day 563 of my blogging challenge 

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