Drift Into Full Moon Energy: Go With The Flow

driftIt’s been very hot. As the sun moves through the sky I’m waiting for my first glimpse of the moon in the daytime sky. At this time of the year both the sun and moon share the sky for a short period as the light fades. I’m looking forward to the full moon in a couple of days. And I’m already feeling the drift.

The full moon is a time for me to check in with my creativity. And how I am manifesting my dreams. Getting me ready for the waning cycle when I can let go of anything I no longer need. However, sometimes it is best to drift with the energy of this changeover. Each full moon brings with it a new perspective on my present position. Sometimes that calls for action. Other times I have to hold steady with where I am. Today I noticed that I have been sleeping a lot with this full moon energy. It made me smile to think of the wide awake energy that the full moon usually brings me.

The drift over the last couple of days has been about patiently waiting for the right moment to begin. I know there are many new beginnings this year. And I can get impatient if they don’t turn up fast enough for me. But that is because I want to get on with doing. This full moon is reminding me that I have to gather my energy. Ready for the leap forward. Which will only come when the timing is right. Of course it’s a lesson I’ve had before. I feel all of my experiences take me around the same spiral. Only each cycle gives me a chance to improve on what I’ve already created.

So the drift also allows me to notice what I want to be different in this next set of new beginnings. It allows me to double check what I am manifesting. When the Full Moon rises I will be clear and focused about what will serve my Spirit purpose in this cycle of growth. Plus energised and ready to send out all of the energy my manifesting requires. Now I’m back to drifting!

Day 913 of my blogging challenge

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