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imageToday eight flat packs were delivered from IKEA. When I say flat packs that also includes a sofa in bits. They are my DIY challenge for the next few days as I work to make my Centre more comfortable for visitors. Not that it’s uncomfortable now. However, since some of the seating can be a little bit bum-numbing after a while in the group room, it’s time for new furniture. I also want more display space for the wonderful products we have available so self assembly shelving is included too. Not to forget the shelves for the library so people can see the selection of holistic books they can read when they are enjoying a cuppa. Me and my flat packs are going to have fun once the carpets have been finished.

Thinking about the flat packs and all that self assembly got me pondering another bit of DIY. When I was learning how to connect with Energy Beings and Spirit Guides I looked around for people to help me. I read books, watched TV, went to Spiritualist churches and plenty of Mind, Body & Spirit events. There was so much on offer I didn’t really know where to start. It was like the worst self assembly instructions – lots of vague hints,  several ways to put things together and lots of bits left over when I was done. Reading some of the deeply personal stories of other mediums and psychics I couldn’t really recognise my journey in their experiences. Some of that was because I was a late starter and some down to my liking for questioning everything. It seems I’ve always preferred to be a Do It Yourself-er in most of my life’s adventures.

Learning to connect with Spirits is actually a DIY experience. Other people can explain, suggest, advise and recommend but the experience and way that you connect is uniquely your own. There are no short cuts to the process. It can be helpful to find out how others communicate with Energy Beings but in the end you still mostly have to work it out for yourself. Of course there are instructions from your Guides but until the communication is clear and understandable the info might as well be written in Latin or Ancient Greek. There is also the issue of the number of ‘flat packs’ you might end up assembling. You might think you are building a small book case only to find that you are putting together shelving for a whole library. Plus do you have all the right equipment? IKEA now sell assembly packs of tools containing all sorts of screwdrivers, hammers, grabby things with a name I can’t recall & admit to never having used, and not to forget the right Allen keys. So what psychic equipment is in your set? It’s no surprise that many people faced with this kind of DIY give up fairly soon & wonder if they can get a refund on their intuitive skills set.

What is wonderful, if you persevere, is the structure you have built. It will be useful, beautiful to look at. Cleverly designed. Last for years. And, of course, be entirely functional. You might be so impressed with yourself that you decide to do some more DIY spiritual journeying to see what else you can assemble. So order that flat pack now so you get the conversation going. Better still invite your Guides to lend you a friendly hand. Forget the instructions and have a great time working out how it all works for you.

Day 141 of my blogging challenge. 

2 thoughts on “DIY & self-assembly of Spirit

  1. Hi Annie, sounds like all is going well at centre. Just meant to say to you that if you need help in any way with the flat pack or anything I am free for couple of hours tomorrow afternoon.X

  2. Hi Linda, that would be lovely if you are free. Caroline & I will be putting the furniture back & doing some DIY with the shelving ?

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