Distressing Events: Not In My Name

I’ve been watching the distressing events of the last few days across the world. Including the latest attack on the people out enjoying the streets of Barcelona. Whenever aggression and violence are used to justify breaking free of oppression it is a wake up call for me.

In my Letter From The Light Side this evening I reminded myself that I need to use my voice to explore how I can resist the fear, anger and aggression which is, it seems, part of our conditioned response to feeling powerless. And our almost instinctive response to say we are powerless because others have taken out power. I feel that is what divides us. The ability of my mind to push blame onto others. And to therefore give myself permission to attack those ‘others’. It’s distressing that I have taken this conditioning on board. But I also know it is there, deep within my shadow side, ready to rise again whenever I feel powerless.

Stepping back from the distressing news and images of racism, government sanctioned murder, child abuse and terrorism I ask myself what I can do to change any of this. I know there is an almost overwheleming sense of ‘I can’t do anything’ that is urging me to stay quiet. Yet I have to resist that first impulse. I can do something. I can use my voice, through my writing or my broadcast, to condemn the acts of violence and aggression. And I can speak about the oppression. To explain that I do not support the position of the oppressors. I can also examine myself. To seek out any values, beliefs or attitudes that feed the inner fears. I have to make sure that I deal with my own stuff so that I can approach every single person as an equal.

Distressing events are my wake-up call. A reminder that I have to use all my abilities to resist oppression, aggression and violence. And to make sure I empower myself and others.

Day 633 of my blogging challenge 

You can view my Letter From The Light Side here



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