Discovering Intuition is Fun

Cartoons_The_cartoon_Minions_two_of_minions_are_laughing_051629_One of the things I really like is having fun with my Guides. One or two of them are a bit more serious in nature but most of them go out of their way to encourage laughter. However, the balance of fun hasn’t always been easy.

When I began working as a medium I was terrified that I’d get it wrong. I was so conscious that what I said to people mattered. Not to me. But to the Spirit people and their loved ones. It seemed that most of my work was church based too. For obvious reasons fun that leads into disrespect of beliefs may end up not being funny at all. Also, for some of that time I was working with one of my more serious Guides so he usually made sure that anyone coming through behaved respectfully too. It was easier when I was doing one to one readings. The Guide who worked with me for that was much more relaxed. That helps a lot because laughter does generate by far the most positive energy.

So long as the laughter is with rather than at me.¬†In the book “Stranger In A Strange Land” the lead character, Mike, has to learn how to laugh. He doesn’t understand that man is the only animal that laughs at himself. It’s ok to laugh at myself. However, what about when someone laughs at me. Is that fun? That’s the more complicated side of amusement. Sometimes I’ve heard extremely cruel words passed off as ‘it’s only a bit of fun’. In my definition of fun the laughter is ¬†always because the other person is laughing too. Really laughing. Not embarrassed or anxious or feeling under pressure to find something funny. Such a delicate balance to have to strike. It’s no wonder that sometimes we opt out of fun. We approach things seriously instead just in case.

When I’m working in the Psychic Club I know that too much serious lecturing can make a fascinating subject extremely boring. I’ve sat through some session like that myself. And I’ve also been responsible for some sessions like that too.

One of the things I do is ask my Guides to help me put across the information in positive and funny ways. I’m delighted to say they always find a great way to get us laughing. Today’s Psychic Club was no different. I always wait for the start with a lot of anticipation. You see, until everyone turns up I have no idea what I’m going to be doing. Working intuitively I know that the perfect subject for all the participants will present itself. Usually about two minutes before I open my mouth to say what we will be covering. It feels a bit like flying by the seat of my pants but I love it. Perhaps I just like big pants. They would have to be big to get me up in the air. TaDa!

So trusting that the best topic will come up I relax and enjoy myself. That’s actually what makes it work. Learning happens much faster when we are relaxed. I’m happy to laugh at myself too. I know that all of the experiences I ask my participants to try can be hit and miss. How do I know? Because I’ve done them too. I’ve had pendulums that refused to work for me, dowsing rods that had no inclination to dowse and mischievous energy beings trying to disrupt my flow of information. Blocks sometimes do happen. Especially if you have a lot going on in your life. There are times when Guides step back for a little or I forget to ask them to help.

Getting past the prototype experiences, the flat out failures and frustrating goes at communication is much easier when I can laugh about it. And share the laughter with others.

There was a lot of laughter at today’s session. Kindhearted, supportive and heart-warming. What a lovely group of people to share fun energy with. My Guides made sure that the subject of pendulums was interesting and informative. They also chose exactly the right people to share the excitement of exploration with each other. I am so fortunate. My work is about people and I have spent a lovely time with some great and talented people sharing one of the best things about being human – our sense of humour.

Day 265 of my blogging challenge.

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