Developing Intuition

imageOne of the first questions that gets asked when someone realises that they can sense things without knowing how they are doing it is ‘How do I develop it?’ Finding out that you have intuition, that you know stuff without being told, and that you are accurate about what you sense can be confusing. We are told that psychic, or intuitive, senses don’t exist, or they are a special gift, or that they are possible a mental health issue. So a good first step is always to be open minded about what is happening. Notice how often you ‘guess’ things right, how you are tuning in to other people’s feelings or seem to know their thoughts, or always seem to end up meeting the right people at the right time. Then take time developing your ability to sense without seeing, asking or knowing.

Paying attention to what is happening is a great step forward. We all work on an energy vibration (quantum theory is showing us the way in understanding energy better) so becoming mindful of what you feel or sense even if you don’t understand why really helps to bring the information you are getting 24/7 from your intuitive senses into your conscious mind. As the information you get is confirmed by the events and conversations that unfold around you giving yourself permission to trust your intuition will also boost the amount of new info you notice. Once you have decided to be more active in developing your intuition there are several really good starting points.

I love to write down weekly predictions, seal them in an envelope and then put them aside. At the end of the week I open the envelope and check off how many were accurate, how many were partly right and how many didn’t happen. You can also do this on a daily basis if you want to start with sensing a smaller time frame. How¬†do I get the predications? I sit quietly for a few minutes with my pen & paper at the ready. Then I ask myself a series of questions: Who will I meet with, see or speak to this week and why? What will I be doing on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Friday? How much will I earn this week? What challenges will I get this week and how will I solve them? You can ask one, some or all of these or others that you think of yourself. The lesson is to write down the first thing that comes into your mind (second thoughts are always your rational brain interfering) without comment, query or doubt. The next thing is to forget what you wrote. Put the envelope & its answers completely out of your mind until it’s time to look. Stressing on what the answers were has the potential to affect your energy and your choices to such an extent that you might make sure that the answers all come out wrong. Remember, our ego brain doesn’t like the intuitive brain. It thinks it’s too free because it can step out of time and space.

Another way I like to practice using my intuition is to predict what colour someone will be wearing. When I have appointments in my diary I like to jot down the colours I’ll be seeing them in. If you know someone well it’s a bit harder to do because, if they are anything like me, they probably wear the same general colours all of the time. We all have colour vibrations that fit with the colours of our aura so we have a tendency to dress in our aura colours too. This can be a bit distorted by the world of work. Uniforms & business dress standards mask our true colour wearing tendencies. There is so much black, deep gray and navy blue on offer along with corporate green, brown and lilac. So sometimes when I get someone in their the ‘work’ colours Visiting me I make an opportunity to ask what colours someone is drawn to. Mostly my predictions fit with their answers ?

Finally, I’d like to share another one of my techniques. If I’m standing in the queue at the supermarket I like to see if I can sense which till someone will head for, whether they will stick in that queue or move and, if I can see their till, how much their bill will be. You can tell I spend a lot of time in queues. It doesn’t have to be in the supermarket either. I’ve adapted this exercise to coffee queues, train ticket queues, the lunch queue. I like to do run throughs based on random chance. In other words I guess. Then I try doing it having told myself that the information is there in the energy if I want to find it. The more you try this sort of ‘game’ the better you will find that you are in getting correct answers.

You might also find that you are getting extra info from the energy too. This is where I would add a little note of caution. You develop intuition by tuning in to energy. If you open the flow too wide you can get swamped in the other person’s energy. So in your mind it’s important to hold an intention to ‘read’ the surface energy only related to the small thing you want to discover. Narrow your focus to paying attention only to what you need for your intuition experiment. It’s also important to respect the other person’s privacy. You wouldn’t like someone ‘reading’ your energy to find out all those things only you want to know about yourself. In the same way treating the energy of other people with respect will help you develop far faster because you are learning how to be ethical in using intuition. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your intuition ?

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