Deep trance or light channelling?

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel

Earth’s ArchAngel Etieliel

I’m sitting writing my blog a lot earlier than usual today. I normally wait until the end of the day so that I can reflect on what has happened, write about whatever has caught my attention and clear the energy for the next day. Today though I’m feeling slightly spaced. This feeling is always a signal that I’m going to be doing some deep trance work. Working in a trance, a sort of deep medatative state, is different than channelling. When I’m channelling I still have a lot of awareness about myself even if the thoughts and feelings that I am experiencing belong to the person writing or speaking through me. When I move into a deep trance state I loose all sense of myself, my body disappears and I have no concious thought process going on. When I’m in that ‘zone’ the Energy Beings around me can step in very close to me and use my physical body as well as my aura to transmit information, healing or other high vibration energies like love & compassion.

The preparation for a trance session usually happens a few days before the actual event. From Wedsday evening I lost my appetite, started drinking more water and felt like I wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Yesterday in the Minfdful Meditation group, that I usually channel, I found that I was working in a light trance state which allowed a Guide to come through and speak the meditation to the group. Earlier today in the Reiki Refresh, when I was channelling in the energy, I was very aware of going into and out of deeper trance states. There were many Energy Beings present, amongst them Guides, ArchAngels Etieliel, Arsheliel and Dareshiel, as well as the wonderful energy of the Morrigan. The healing energy was extremely strong as well as the creative energy that was being delivered too. It felt as if it was the right time for everyone in the group to find their creative spark so the energy was the to help inspire us.

Creation follows destruction and the Morrigan is one of my inspirers when I face letting things go. She always reminds me that I have the courage to rebuild, to create anew, to manifest something fresh. The ArchAngels are all very ‘can do’, ‘make it so’ types so it’s exciting to feel that something new is happening even if I don’t completely understand what it is yet. Perhaps that is what the trance work is about. I love when they connect with me on such a deep level that only my Spirit part is aware of what is happening. Yet out of that switch off of my human part my Higher Self & the Guide team can remind me of my purpose and how I am meant to deliver it. So will it be my Letters from the Light Side being discussed? Will it be more inspiration from the Earth’s ArchAngels? Or will it be something completely new? How exciting that I’m meeting up with my friend & colleague Jan Booth from Ostrich Angels tomorrow. It should be an interesting catch-up!

Day 151 of my blogging challenge.

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