Some Days It’s So Very Hard to Write

On days like this it’s hard to find words. Once again a tradgedy has caught our attention. A huge fire in a tower block in London has stretched a community almost beyond bearing.

I know that there are plenty of days like this. All over the world communities have to cope with tragedy and loss. Grief draws people together as we try to make sense of what has happened. Others do whatever they can to show support for the community struck by disaster. Whether it’s one life or many lost or damaged there is a sense of caring that fills us all. I know that so many people have expressed their condolences and sent healing energy to the people of the Grenfell Tower fire. And to the many other disasters that happen so often. I feel it’s important to remind myself that this is the greatest hope for humanity. That we can all unite as one to provide acknowledgement and comfort to others in challenging times.

Days like this also remind me that on the ground there are so many people serving us day in and day out. The emergency services, hospital staff, community services and pastoral support. They step in to deal with life changing events at a moment’s notice. They are there in the background. Always on call. They often bear the brunt of dealing with the immediate situation and then the aftermath. And also the understandable shock and grief of all those affected. Days later they may still be involved in sorting out the fallout from a single event. Even weeks and months later. I believe we are lucky to have members of our communities who take on these duties. They are a bedrock on which we can rely to help us through the worst. Sometimes bystanders and volunteers are a part of this too,

There are really no words to express my thanks to those who serve. Or my condolences to those who have lost everything. Days like this remind me that we need to learn lessons. To be a global community who changes whatever went wrong. And to remind ourselves of how strongly we can pull together in the worst of times šŸ’š

Day 569 of my blogging challengeĀ 

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