The Power of Cutting Your Losses

imageInspirations have been flowing in. My brain hasn’t stopped all day. Sometimes when we take a good look at all that we have going on in our lives we find that there are situations that require cutting our losses. This week has brought me to such a point of clarity that I have been standing back and considering where I have been putting my energy for the last few years. I love all that I have been doing but to go forward I also have to make some choices. Will it be painting, writing, my Centre, church services, teaching, healing, readings, public speaking, Partylite or mentoring?  I’ve been juggling all of these. Slowly my focus on my bigger dream has been swamped by lots of other ‘stuff’. Stuff I love doing but …

Working for myself it is almost too easy to discover another thing I like doing. Or another service I want to offer. I’m driven by a desire to help and support people. Especially as that desire is my key mission in this life as well as in the many other past lives that I brought in with me for this trip. Cutting through all of the karmic energy, finding an understanding of how that mission is to be delivered and making sure I have the energy to do so also means doing less of some things. And more of what makes that mission happen. That is the power of cutting the losses. It’s important for me to put all my energy into the activities that deliver the mission. Energy going elsewhere is ‘lost’. That doesn’t mean that it’s not helping or supporting people. However, I may be able to do more if I am concentrating on those things that will, in the end, have a bigger impact for everyone.

One example that popped up this week was an unsolicited offer from someone for me to do more healing training so I could add another type of healing to my list. I get lots of invites to go on courses for new types of training. Do I need to do any more training in new techniques? What I do already seems to be working. I have eight ways of healing that I can use. How many more is enough? Also, as a business women, I have to question whether the cost in time, money and energy will be worth it. If I focus on the healing modalities I already use and develop them to the best of my ability that may be the very best use of myself. So I didn’t sign up for the training. I also had a good think about the healing I was already doing to see if it was time for me to stop doing any of it. Again, all part of the power of cutting my losses.

It’s tempting to keep adding in rather than cutting out tasks. So taking the time this week to consider redirecting my energy has been very energising. I’ve noticed where I’m passionate about keeping something. Also where it seems I can let go without any real pang of loss. The best thing of all has been that reorganising what I’m going to be doing, with a clear focus on whether it fits with my life purpose or not, has freed up my mind for new ideas. Different ways of doing things have been dropping into my mind. They have been going off like fireworks. New projects are appearing fully formed & ready to go. My energy is fired up to take my mission further than I imagined this time last week.

I’m looking forward to cutting out those bits of my working life that slow me down. It’s exciting to make space for the things I’m really, really passionate about. I feel good about the changes I’m making. I feel empowered to live my life my way. If you feel stuck in too much ‘stuff’ why not think about your life purpose. What is it you burn to do? What would tomorrow morning be like if you were waking up to a day of fulfilling your purpose? Then start to embrace the changes you need to make to bring your mission a step closer to completion.

Day 207 of my blogging challenge.

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