Crisis Of Faith: Trust Spiritual Wobbles

wobble crisisBeing human includes the ability to question why I am here. And the nature of life itself. Along with curiosity about what is ‘out there’. This has led me to the things I believe in, my understanding of the world and my part in it. Yet the understanding has only evolved when I have been in a crisis of faith.

I was brought up in a religion. A set of beliefs and ideas that explained my place in the world and why I was alive in the first place. That religion explained everything through the involvement of a Divine Being. So I had to live my life according to what that Divine Being had told others. Yet from an early age the rules confused me. I followed them but they lacked logic. And they often didn’t deliver the kind of life experiences I expected. As I got older I went into my first crisis of faith. I wobbled. And rejected the beliefs I had been told to follow. This left me in another sort of crisis. The one of me deciding what I did believe.

I engaged with many religions for a lot of years. I was trying to find one that restored my faith in being human. And also explained why I was here. because I was sure I had things to do. Eventually I got to a point where my spiritual wobbles drew me away from the belief in a Divine Being. When I started to accept that I was the one responsible for my life and my choices. Funnily enough, shortly after that I stepped into the connections with Energy Beings. Which made me have another crisis about what I believed. Because it seemed there was something ‘out there’ after all. Some sort of guiding presence supporting me in the choices I made.

I was fascinated that I had come full circle. But also that each spiritual crisis had brought me a new level of understanding about myself. Each wobble ended up helping me to keep my faith rather than loose it altogether. And now I write on behalf of the Energy beings most days so that they can guide others through the wobbles of faith and trust. If you wobble remember that you have help close at hand. All you have to do is ask.

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