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CWiNm_EWEAAtVDyI’m still at the office tonight to write my blog. When I say office I mean a large room that serves as an art studio combined with desk space, shelves and storage cupboards. It’s large enough for a sofa & chair and 2 art tables. Paintings are stacked against every available vertical space. They litter the floor. I regularly walk around messy piles of ‘stuff’ including candles, Earth’s ArchAngel products, notice boards and screens. It’s all in motion – one piece of something moves to another pile of something until it’s the time for it to be made into something else. I love that it’s this way. My creative mind loves to link very odd things together to make something that makes sense – at least to me, lol.┬áSo I’ve had a pleasant hour at the end of my day framing some of my artwork so it can be sold. It’s time to send the wonderful energy in the pictures out into the wider world!

It’s taken me a long time to find the confidence to shout about my paintings. Although I’ve run countless Psychic Art workshops & painting the energy is a theme in the Earth’s ArchAngels workshops it isn’t until now that I can say I’m proud of my artistic ability. Having the paintings featured as part of an article in Spirit & Destiny magazine this month was a big boost. Listening to my Guides encourage and work with me has helped. The wonderful energy blasts from the ArchAngels, Spirits and Elementals has helped. However, I’ve realised that until I accepted all the feedback I’d been getting I was lacking self-belief. No one else could make me believe in myself. I had to choose to do so. And it wasn’t an easy choice.

One of the themes today has been feedback. I gave & received comments to & from several people. Sharing in another person’s view of you is a vital source of info. Not to beat yourself up about. But to recognise what you did well and what didn’t work as you expected. Running a Centre, or any business for that matter, relies on how people view the services you provide. So it’s important to listen. Not to debate or defend or to dismiss what is said. It’s vital to understand the other person’s point of view as you might be able to make changes that bring you both closer to a shared understanding and agreement. I’ve found that this is also the case in other areas of my life, like my painting or my messages, where I’m providing a service or a product.

So where does healing come into this blog? I’ve had some lovely comments about the way in which my Centre has been the basis for changing someone’s life. As I listened to what they said I realised that something that had been offered in the Centre had started them on a healing journey. It could have been one or many of our services that energised a life changing choice for this person. Making the choice to do things differently has resulted in a flow of such abundance that this person is well on the way to a totally transformed life. There is one key thing I feel we did though. We gave acknowledgement to this person, we gave a listening ear and we shared encouragement in our support. Every life change, every step back into old patterns, every new idea and every positive choice. From this journey there has emerged someone confident enough to keep making the changes needed. Who is now talking about exploring more creative activities to connect with the spiritual side of life.

I understand this very well. I have made an active choice to paint so that I can explore my own creativity in a different way. Painting has helped me heal from stuck emotions. Painting has opened me up to energy sources I never dreamed of. Painting has strengthened my clairvoyance – I see all sorts of faces in my abstract work. At the beginning it was hard though. I judged every attempt. I was my own worst critic. Even when I knew the work was being channelled through me from the Energy Beings. I had to get over myself and get over wanting the picture to be perfect. I also had to get over believing that a good picture has to look like something. The magic of this is that as I worked through my issues with being creative with paint I also worked through those issues across the rest of my life.

Healing happens when we choose to focus on the good in us. That isn’t to say it’s an easy task. Find something creative to do. Let yourself recognise that you will make judgements about your skills & ability. Let yourself play, create, enjoy and find even more wonderful skills & ability inside yourself. Start to listen to the positive feedback you get from others, accept it and listen out for more. Let your own creativity be your way of healing your life!

Day 32 of my blogging challenge.

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