Creative chaos

imageI been enjoying a creative day. I love altering photos of my artwork or applying effects to photos I’ve taken whilst out and about. There is a handy little application on my PC that lets me make slideshows and videos. It’s really fun to see what emerges if I don’t think about what I’m doing. Often I feel the presence of Guides when I’m working and somehow their energy seeps into the creative stuff I’m doing. That is what I love so much. People often see the end result and are drawn to it because there is some kind of energy pull.

I have a picture painted in oils by Jose Medrado in 6mins 20 seconds. It is his channellings of Cezanne. I saw him do that work in an apparently chaotic hour or so of painting where his Guides stepped in. There were about 11 works in different styles. Most fascinating of all was that the gloves he wore to protect his hands were a muddy mess. That muddy mess didn’t end up on any of the canvases. Seeing the way he worked with his Inspirers helped me take my creative efforts further outside my comfort zone so that I too experienced painting in a mediumistic trance. I love that whatever I create emerges from the muddle of paint or effects, from words dropping into my head, from the random impulse to take a photo.

In July my work will once again be on show in the Hebden Bridge Open Studios event as I open my own studio (chaotic as it is) for people to visit. I’m looking forward showing people how the Guides bring about wonderful pictures from mess. Whether I work with a canvas or a photo on a pc I’m facinated to see what will emerge as the final product. I’ve always loved colour, texture, abstract. I like to be able to let my imagination find the pictures within abstract pictures. There is always a new way to interpret an abstract – a freedom to see & experience something new every time of looking. I like my art to be fresh, to surprise me, to challenge me.

Its also special to be able to offer people space to play with art. I run workshops to encourage people to let their own Guides join in the creative process with them. It may take them a little time to unleash their creativity. There is a very firm conditioning in all of us that says pictures should look like something recognizable. Yet, with encouragement, it is possible to paint, draw, colour and stick to your hearts content whilst forgetting what it might represent. The results might at first look like chaos but it really is a delightful surprise to realise that you have captured something priceless. Each picture represents feelings, engagement, focus and the freedom to be expressive for no other reason than it was fun. Messages shout out from each effort of creativity. Messages from your sub or unconscious mind to you. Messages from your loved ones in the Spirit World. If you are being creative the message is from your Guides to let you know you have escaped the straight jacket of conditioning for a few precious moments so they can connect with you.

Creativity is a sign of an open mind. What do you do to create? Have you tried the organised chaos of painting or photshopping yet? Are you ready to make a connection with your inner self and play? How far into the chaos can you step today? I hope you too can have some creative fun.

Day 91 of my blogging challenge.

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