Set a Course for The Next Nine Years

I’ve been writing about the energy shifts for a little while now. About how this is a year of new beginnings. The first in a cycle of nine and this year I get to pick my course for all of that time. So how do I choose?

If you have been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I can get stuck very easily with choosing. It’s a bit of a Libran challenge. The urge to procrastinate in case I decide on the wrong thing. So I’ve been working for some years to get comfortable with the idea that all choices can be reversed. Or can lead to new choices that take me back to where I started. If I want. In fact I’m getting more spontaneous because I accept that not choosing at all is a waste of energy. I’ve discovered that choices aren’t concrete. And they don’t all have to be perfectly right. That’s a useful change when I’m considering setting my course for the next nine years.

Now is the time to step into fresh energy. To make choices that will set me off on a better course through those nine years. But how? One of the things I’ve noticed over the past five or six days is an energy shift. Once more I’m finding it hard to sleep or stay asleep. I’m waking up tired. Because I’ve been having restless, vivid dreams all night. Dreams that bring up uncomfortable feelings. Ways I’d rather not feel as they are low vibration emotions like fear, anger, sadness. Some have been quite graphic I think. Yet when I wake I can’t quite remember the content of my dreams. Interesting, as I’m usually a good lucid dreamer.

As usual, when I’d had three nights of this type of sleep I asked my Guides what was going on. Of course I’d already forgotten it was the waning phase of the moon. So obvious really. My Guides came back with the answer that I was letting go.

Letting go of what I wondered? Some of the snippets I could remember seemed at odds with my life experiences. Then there was another lightbulb moment. I was busy letting go a whole load of past life stuff that was still hanging around in this life. I find that the interesting thing about my karma is that I’ve built lots of echos of past life struggles into this life. But I don’t always know it. Often it’s after events have happened that I realise it’s an echo. Sometimes I haven’t realised. So it turns out the energy I’m releasing whilst I’m asleep has never made it into my consciousness. Somehow it has to go. Or I risk being blown off course.

I have to say that I thought I had done as much clearing out of stuck energy as I could in 2016. What a challenging year! Now it turns out that I have stuff stored away that I hadn’t known existed. But it’s stuff I don’t need to really bring into my conscious mind. Instead I can let my subconscious mind get to work releasing it. The benefit to me is when it goes my decisions will be clearer.  Especially since they stop being based on stuff I didn’t know was influencing me in the first place. Whew! I hope that makes sense. Time for me to embrace this current period of internal housekeeping. I have lots of exciting decisions to make!

Day 432 of my blogging challenge. 

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