Cobweb Connections: Dusty Past Cleared Away

cobwebI’ve been sitting in the breeze today. A good way to recognise and clear away the cobweb connections that have grown dusty through lack of use. Reflecting on what has served me and what no longer needs to be in my life.

That cobweb feeling, when your face or perhaps an arm feels like it’s tingling because it’s been touched, is one of the first signs I really recognised as contact from my Guides. Often I would think I had loose hairs on my face because the sensation was so strong. When I started to pay attention to it I began to recognise a pattern. The first steps in communication rather than a random feeling. It’s been a really long time since they had to work with me that way. Now my claresentience picks up all sorts of complicated sensations. And cobwebs have taken a back seat. Thinking about the early days I also remembered all of the different webs of connection I had. I was so keen to find out as much as I could that I was here, there and everywhere.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking that I actually found who I got the best connections with. The early cobweb connections were replaced by the next set. And then the next set. I realised that holding on to one group made me gather dust. To progress in my development I had to be ready for the next set of new connections. That was a hard lesson because I felt like I had only just settled when I was off moving again. Yet my Guides stuck with me. Encouraging me to clean out the clutter each time I moved forward.  Taking a good look at me to see what Inwas still clinging to. Dusting myself off every time I had to let a mask go. Doing my best to find my authentic self. Because that way I could make the best energy connections of all.

As the wind tumbled over and around me I decided to let go of any dusty bits that were still left. I asked the wind to take each cobweb away. Letting it float free from me. Preparing me to begin another journey.

Day 992 of my blogging challenge

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