Closing Down? Protecting Your Energy’

imageTo day I went for a trip to Leeds. It was a pleasant train journey. I got done what I wanted to get done. Yet I still found myself irritable.

Perhaps it was the hot weather? Or too many people? Could it have been all the walking about? Or a lack of coffee? I don’t spend time around large crowds nowadays. Unless I’m with a lot of positive people. That’s because I know that energy can affect me. However I thought, when closing down my aura this morning, that I had done enough to keep my energy clear. Maybe I wasn’t as closed as I should have been.

One of the first things I learned, and what I tell everyone to do, was how to stop the flow of intuitive info that comes in simply because we are all giving off energy. Yet I had put on my bubble of protection. Actually I never take it off, lol. I had added in my invisibility shimmer so my I and my energy would slide past everyone. Finally, I’d armed myself with lots of love energy so I could give out what I wanted back. Tripple measures should have been enough. So why was I getting irritated?

Closing off from the energy of other people works well when they are people you don’t know. However, closing down to the people you care about is a lot harder.

As I wandered around Leeds trying to solve the puzzle of my feelings I finally noticed that my daughter was being a bit snappy about everything. I guess that’s when the penny dropped. We share an energy link. It’s impossible not to be connected when you love someone. That link is a way for energy to be passed backward and forward. Closing down to that connection is a lot harder. Yet my experience today confirmed that I have to put a filter in place.

It’s lovely to be able to share positive feelings in the energy. But it’s uncomfortable or intrusive to share negativity. Just like when I sit and talk to someone who is negative and end up feeling that I’ve joined them in their misery. Staying positive means keeping a little distance, energetically speaking, so that the negative doesn’t spread even further. Of course, this morning I forgot to check that my negativity filter was in place. It wasn’t so I lost a little of my positive momentum. Until I realised and adjusted my aura once more.

There is one other step to consider. What if we stay ‘open’ all of the time?

I’ve met quite a few people who prefer not to close down. Or who are wide open without knowing it. They don’t consider the energy they are in to be anything to do with them. I encourage everyone to think about being able to ‘receive’ all of the feelings and thoughts of all the other people around who are around. I can confirm, after one particular difficult week when I did just that, that it’s a nightmare. Too much energy is exhausting. Trying to sort out what thoughts and feelings are actually yours is confusing. It’s a situation likely to end up with you firmly negative about everything.

If you haven’t yet noticed the world as an energy place I encourage you to do so. Pay attentionĀ to your own personal energy, as I do with mine. Finally, pay attention to the energy of the people around you. The make sure that you detach from any negative, toxic or fearful energy. A little bit of attention to the detail of what you are experiencing can shift your day into a whole new positive perspective.

Day 274 of my blogging challenge.

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