Clearing and Cleansing

imageIt was too hot for me last night. Windows wide open to get a hint of breeze I couldn’t sleep. Waking up to another warm morning I had to get moving early. Never one to enjoy high temperatures I dived into the shower to cool down. I felt the flow of water clearing away the heat.

I was on the move early as I needed to take my car to the garage. As I set off the heat was broken by a thundery shower. For about ten minutes the heavens opened and poured down rain. Flashes of lightening accompanied the downpour. I got rather damp running to the car but it was another blast of clearing going on. Getting out of the car the air was slightly fresher. Not much though. Walking back along the path from the garage I enjoyed the damp air. The trees continued to drop water on me. And the sun came out once more. Here comes the heat again I thought.

The path was quiet. The flowers and trees seemed grateful for the brief downpour. I started to think about the rain. About how it cleared the air for a few moments. Then I thought about my aura energy. Mainly because I was photographing some wonderful light rays through the trees. The pictures reminded me how we collect other people’s energy if we aren’t careful. We also get our own emotions stuck in the aura field when we hold back from releasing them. My healing work is mostly connected with clearing auras, my own included.

Just as I clear my physical world of clutter I also need to clear my energy world of clutter too. Thoughts, emotions, experiences that really belong in the past can pile up to make blockages. They clutter up the free flow of positive energy so that I can feel heavy, overburdened or stressed.

Making sure I do my aura ‘housework’ is the only way of clearing the energy flow. I’m not over fond of housework (as my friends know) so it can seem like an effort when I start. Yet I have learned to be disciplined with my aura. I check in with the energy several times a day. Making sure that I clear away any baggage. I visualise any unwanted energy flowing down my body, as if I’ve stepped into a shower, and going down into the Earth to be cleansed.

That is the second step. Clearing the clutter is great. But it can leave a mark. Like a red wine stain on a white carpet. Yes, I’ve had one of those to clean up too. So I also take the time to do the cleaning that follows clearing. If I’m in the shower I visualise white light pouring all over me, soaking into my skin and all through me, including my aura. If it’s any other time I imagine a beam of white light hitting the top of my head and flowing down my body through my spine and legs. The light travels out from my spine to all of my body and aura. I also imagine feelings clean and fresh. Re-energised.

If you are feeling cluttered with energy try having a clearing and cleansing session. Pay attention to how you feel before and after. Use the aura techniques any time you get weighed down again. A little attention to your aura energy can make a big difference to how you flow through life ?

Day 248 of my blogging challenge.

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