Claresentience: On Feeling More Not Less

claresentienceI have very strong claresentience. I feel the presence of other people, sometimes physically and sometimes emotionally. Most times both. So it makes sense that the Energy Beings first used that intuitive sense to communicate with me.

However, it was a lot like learning a very unfamiliar language. Because how much do we really pay attention to our feelings? I know I suppressed mine a lot more than I let them out. And sometimes I was so muddled I had no idea what I was feeling either. Yet opening up to my claresentience meant I had to start learning my own feelings too. Though it started very much with experiencing a tingle through my body. Rather than emotions. A tingle I though was some sort of shiver effect. But as soon as I started to pay attention to it it developed into something stronger. I began to feel like someone was touching my hand. or my shoulder.

That distinct feeling of a hand touching me alerted me to a whole lot more sensations. Soon I could feel a hand stroking my hair. Or a finger tickling my cheek. Then I noticed that I felt a watch on my wrist or a ring on my finger. Or my ears being pulled. Eventually my claresentience started to involve feelings. Unexpected sensations of love, anger, tearfulness. And, of course, all of those feelings could have been mine. So I had to start asking myself who the feelings really belonged to. Especially if they came up when I was giving messages or was around other people. This development of my psychic sense of feeling accompanied the development of my other intuitive senses too. So picking the strands of information apart took some time.

Now my claresentience adds up to much more than tingles or an occasional feeling. When I want it I receive a constant and accurate flow of feelings and physical sensations to help me deliver a good message or channelling. If you are interested in connecting with Energy Beings let yourself notice the sensations. And start asking who the feelings belong to. I’m certain you will get some interesting answers.

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