Christmas wishes of peace

peaceXmasI’m sitting quietly at home. The TV is on but I’m not really paying attention. All the rest of my family are off doing their own thing so it’s very quiet and peaceful. After a morning of excitement in sharing gifts, an afternoon of sharing a meal, tonight is about peacefulness. A part of me is delighted that I get to stay in bed later than usual tomorrow morning. A part of me is joyful about making the family meal so we could all celebrate being together. But the biggest feeling is peace. The day has gone well. I’ve been able to reach out through social media to all those who I couldn’t fit into my house. We have shared the chocolates, the chit chat and the fun.

I am also aware that this one day of peace is really precious. I am fortunate to find myself at the end of my day full of gratitude for all I have in my life. Even though the rain continues to fall & the river is rising, I’ve been given an extraordinary day. I know of many who have not had the same good fortune as me today. Along with my Guides and the Energy Beings I have been sending out wishes today. I have wished for peace for all the world. I have wished for comfort for all the world. I have wished for healing for all the world. And I have wished that all people, whatever their beliefs and values have enough material certainty so that they can experience the magic of life too.

It’s a big ask. Yet it’s only by sending out the positive energy wishes can we ever hope to influence the choices that we all make. You see, we can be so extraordinarily sharing when we try. The army in the UK is standing by to help those people who may have to deal with floods once again. Fire, ambulance, police and hospital teams are still waiting to help us if life suddenly becomes challenging. Family, friends and neigbours are our solid community support too. Peace will manifest when we all stand up and take a full part in our global community. When we refuse to allow judgement and the perception of differences to divide us.

I hope your day has been full of sharing, joy and peace. These feelings start within each one of us and we can share them outside of ourselves whenever we choose. Let the example to others of choosing peace be yourself. Stand up for peace. Be peace. Send out peace. Peace will be in, around and with you.

Day 39 of my blogging challenge.

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