Choosing To Use Intuitive Abilities

I’ve said many times before that I believe everyone has intuitive abilities. We are all psychic. That means we can read other people, energy waves and Energy Beings.

A long time ago I remember the late Colin Fry saying the same thing. But he made one important point – one that I agree with wholeheartedly – that not everyone was ready to use their abilities yet. He talked about the discipline and development that I believe we all need to go through to understand what we are doing. I feel it’s like giving someone three driving lessons then letting them loose on the motorway. Something none of us would dream of doing or encouraging. I’ve been thinking about this today because I often get contacted by people who are experiencing contact with Energy Beings. But those people don’t really understand what’s happening.

Often they have become frightened in a fascinated way by the contact they are having. I suppose it’s like the reason we like to watch horror or danger movies. Human beings get an adrenaline rush from feeling fear. So a mildly scary encounter of any kind can feel like an exciting event too. That’s where I get called in though. because the encounters are acknowledged the Energy Beings get more active and the person experiencing them reaches a point of being too scared all of a sudden. I should also say that acknowledging contact tends to make intuitive senses develop more. So, as might be expected, the person concerned starts to see, hear, feel and know more.

Intuitive psychic abilities are like any other muscles. With work they get stronger. The more effort you make the more you will get.

Until the adrenaline rush of fear becomes too uncomfortable. Then people tend to want to turn off the switch. Or at least turn it down. Yet they might find they can’t if the draw of the adrenaline is stronger than the fear being generated, I know that people panic at this point. They think the Energy Beings will go away for good or become too strong or unpleasant. People still want to have the contact. But not in an uncontrolled way. And I know that this push & pull creates more difficulty because in trying to re-establish control the person is still foundering around out of control.

So what do I tell someone who is using their abilities but in a confused or muddled way? Perhaps even relying on misinformation or fake ‘facts’? I’m sure we all know that not everything on the internet is from a reliable source. For me the first thing is not to panic. That energy only makes things worse. Second I ask the person to think carefully about why they want the connection to Energy Beings. I know it’s not an easy thing to master because, in the end, you have to master yourself and your fear. If someone is not ready to adopt a disciplined approach to their psychic senses I suggest they shut themselves down. Not to do so is inviting more chaos into their lives.

For those who really are ready and want to use their abilities I suggest finding a good teacher. Or a place that offers a safe way to learn.

We are all learning. It’s important to accept that and find someone who feels like they know what they are doing to show you how to develop your senses. I normally start by explaining energy work then build in experiences to back up that information. To me finding someone who can explain things clearly and simply is a must. It’s not about mystery or superstition and a good teacher should start from where you are. Be prepared for leaps forward and steps back. For joyful connections and frustrating mis-connections. A good teacher will support you through all of this.

I also caution my students that this work will change the inner you. As well as the outer you. I know that experiencing the positive connection with Energy Beings brings in it’s wake a lot of reconstruction work. As a sceptic I had to pull down all of my assumptions and rebuild from conviction. It became impossible for me to deny the exsistence of the Beings who now guide and inspire me. So an open, questioning mind and a flexible outlook are vital. After all, my abilities, if I’m honouring them, have brought me challenges, change and certainty. To the point where I now know for certain that we are all intuitive and have psychic senses.¬†Using my abilities has removed self-doubt, doubt about my purpose or point in being human and my doubt about an Afterlife.

All good reasons to develop my abilities. But most of all I have no doubt that I am an eternal being. That has removed perhaps the biggest fear of all – that of dying.

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