Choosing your Future?

img_2209One of the things I get asked to do very often is to tell someone their future. Either by using Tarot cards or by communicating with Energy Beings. It’s one of the aspects of my work that people rarely understand.

Today the question of the future cropped up a lot. Of course I, as well as many other people, am curious about what is likely to happen to me in my life. There is a sense of reassurance in knowing that everything will be ok. I’m not sure I would feel that same sense of reassurance if any prediction was about challenges and hard times. It’s also exciting to think that all the wishes and dreams I have will manifest for me too. That’s why so many people try to use the Law of Attraction techniques. However, it’s never that simple. After all I’m human and I like to control the way things happen.

It seems to be a deep part of our nature to not only send out the wishes but to expect them to be delivered only in the way we want. Of course, life, the Universe and everything doesn’t necessarily accept that rule! Hence all the questions about the future. What makes predicting hard work is that at every moment my energy is a shifting thing. I may choose one option over another. I could reject all the options I’m being given. Or I could try to catch them all and end up with a future full of things I should have let pass me by. You see, I also like to hang on to my exsisting choices much longer than I should. Especially if I’m in the middle of the changes I’ve asked for but am confused about.

One thing is very certain. The future is always out there. So how do I let it manifest easily from the here and now?

Telling someone their future involves many variables. What is coming in on the energy is rarely as fixed as we would like to hear it is. I’ve learned to step out of questions about my future and focus on why I’m here. After all, why would I be here if there wasn’t something to experience? I can’t imagine any Spirit wanting to go through a whole load of ups and downs for no reason. It’s possible becoming human helps to relieve the boredom of being a Spirit. It could also be like taking a holiday. Or even be a game like a murder mystery being played out amongst friends. However I like to think that I’m here with a purpose that will help me and others. When I think of it that way I can get a hint of what my future could be.

I can look at the choices coming in front of me to check if they help me to help others. Knowing that I want to do things I am passionate about I can also check any choices to see if they draw me into interesting things. I can also pay attention to my intuition. Some experiences will feel like they are for me and some won’t. If I take each choice and check if it is taking me nearer or further from my life mission I am also showing the Universe what I want. Manifesting the future is about making positive steps towards those wishes or dreams. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve self-sabotaged my dream future by rejecting the next necessary step. Now I try to notice if my ego is making excuses, bringing up a feeling of fear or a lack of belief.

I can counter those thoughts and feelings by focusing on what I hope for instead. The future in in my hands. It’s all about what I choose to do.

One of the key things I have learned about manifesting my future, as opposed to reading it, is that I am in charge of my choices. That’s the bit I can control. The outcomes of my choices depend on many other energies, including the choices of the people who are in my life. But sticking with my purpose, knowing what I want to achieve with my life in the end, each choice will lead me to more choices. If I keep following the chain of choice my future will turn out to be all that I hoped it would. In the way that it is meant to be. With many surprising aspects that will turn out to fit perfectly with what I was trying to manifest from the Universal energy.

Of course I will still consult my cards or ask my Guides if they can give me a hint to what is coming in. I’m always curious, lol. But I also know that I can shape my future too. It’s all about my choices.

Day 327 of my blogging challenge.

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