Childlike Energy: The Pure Joy Of Being

childlike - Daily MailI was watching a little child and her mum today. The child was playing the ‘hide and can’t see me’ game that all small children enjoy. She kept putting her hands in front of her eyes expecting that we couldn’t see her. This childlike view of the world we call reality made me think.

I saw my own child play this game. And all of her friends. Also the children I used to look after. I’m sure I must have played that game too. When the world ceased to exist if I closed or hid my eyes. Because my understanding was that I ceased to be visible too. What a lovely, childlike idea. That I can stop being present simply by closing my eyes. I have to say I’ve wished for that to happen on more than one occasion in my past. What is delightful about the game is that the child feels she is blinking back into being as soon as she opens her eyes and engages with this world once more.

Such childlike trust in the sense of being. Totally in the moment. No past or future. Just here and not here. The joy and laughter that each child displayed when the world is back again. And when they believe they have disappeared. Young children understand all about magic. They are clear it is all a matter of perception. Now you see me and now you don’t. But never stopping being. Standing in the flow of energy and making it how you want it to be. I love the way children are joyful in their ability to create. I feel they understand the pure purpose of being, not just doing. That’s why they have such a strong imaginative ability to fuel their mind creations.

Childlike energy is always available. But It requires me to step out of my current perceptions of reality. And to look at the world I see in a very different way. This child’s game reminds me that I can make my world whatever I choose. As they moved away I held onto that precious, pure, joyful moment when being here was all down to my choice to open or close my eyes.

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