Cheerful Thoughts: Setting An Intention For The Day

CheerfulCheerful thoughts! Yesterday in a blogging challenge I’m running I wrote about what I thought when I woke up every day. These are the way I like to start my day.

Until I put it down on paper I didn’t really recognis that I focused on cheerful thoughts. Yet now I know why it makes such good sense. My thoughts create my intentions. The things I decide to do, say, even think or feel affect how my day goes. And my intentions create my outer world. If I want to have a good day then I have to start from the moment I wake up. Noticing what I’m feeling like and what I’m thinking. Letting myself decide how I want my day to go. Then keeping that focus as I get up and move through my day. I often take a few minutes before I get up to bring to mind cheerful thoughts. Little memories that make me laugh. A positive affirmation or three. And a run through my to do list telling myself how easy it’s all going to be.

I keep cheerful thoughts at the front of my mind for the rest of the day too. Reminding myself of what made me chuckle the other day. Or today. Those little packets of positive help me to deal with anyone or anything that is a challenge to having a positive day. Because, of course, I’m like anyone else. Little bits of irritation, negativity or frustration can occur at any time. The cheerful thoughts help me to balance in low vibrational situations. And keep my intention to make my day positive. I have that choice. I can start my day with a different feeling and end up stuck with stress. Or I can keep upbeat as much as possible and get to the end of a positive day.

I love having cheerful thoughts. They lead to happy days. I know I prefer these to the stress filled ones. When you are ready to leave behind stress days start your day with cheerfulness!

Day 728 of my blogging challenge 

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