Channelling Earth’s ArchAngels

imageRecently you might have noticed that your emotions are a bit closer to the surface than usual. Small things may have got you much more wound up than normal. There has been a lot of energy around to promote the release of old, stuck emotional energy. Bringing the compassion from the Angels with it. I work with the Earth’s ArchAngles – the Guardian Angels of the planet – through channelling. They often alert me to the rise and fall in planetary energy so that I can understand how it might be affecting me. In their ¬†channelling they also give me guidance to share so that they can step in closer and help other people recognise the energy flows. Today they wanted me to talk about ArchAngel Dareshiel.

Dareshiel is the emotional guy. He watches as emotions rise to the surface to be acknowledged & released. His eyes focus on the distance as he has trained himself to observe everything from a distance. He is not unemotional – just willing to notice every feeling & though before he reacts. His detachment can frustrate others as they are moving in the energy of react, react, react. He presefrs to see what he contains within himself & consider – a Mr Spock like detachment but not based in logic, based in experiencing. He teaches us to experience, notice & then process. Most of what we feel is based on fear of lack, abandonment, separateness. Yet he is certain we are not lacking, or abandoned or separate. He is asking us to view our emotions as part of a whole group of energy flows.

He wants us to see that emotions are not what control us – they are what make us a human being. That we have choices about what we feel, how much & when. Yet we are also frightened of the power of what we feel. That is why we can lock the feelings away for a long time, where they fester & create dis-ease. Yet each life experience can be a positive affirmation of our humanity if we let the feelings flow through us. Great pain need not destroy us. Great joy can be as blissful as the Divine Rapture we so often seek & yet never seem to find. It is when we are able to ‘see’ our emotions in a balance, outside of ourselves & recognise their usefulness that we start to embrace living in the moment.

Channelling or working with Dareshiel is certain to bring a flood of emotion. His great compassion for our struggles with our feelings is like a warm, comfortable blanket of love wrapped around us. He is here to reassure us that pain or hurt does disappear if we let it. He is also here to remind us that we have choices. A spiritual journey is full of forward movement. We make the most progress when we notice all that we are experiencing including becoming clear about what we are feeling. Noticing feelings generates options about what to do with those feelings. During the coming energy upgrades (another big one is due from 30th April to 7th May) ask Dareshiel to stand with you to help you notice the shifts in the feelings you are experiencing. Let yourself work with his support to make sense of why those particular feelings are emerging. In the end, they are the signposts for the work you still have to do to achieve higher vibrational energy. Balance your emotions at a higher level and you will find more contentment in your life.

Channelling is a wonderful way to experience guidance. It is something that you can learn to do. If you give yourself time to find & listen to your inner voice, your higher self will speak or perhaps your Guides will make themselves known. All you have to do is be prepared to sit quietly for a little while every day and create a space where you are paying attention. ArchAngel Dareshiel is keen to help everyone balance their emotions so, if you give him a chance, why not let him ‘speak’ to you too?

Day 147 of my blogging challenge. 

2 thoughts on “Channelling Earth’s ArchAngels

  1. Annie, this entry was great. I have never heard of Darashiel – just the four – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel! Love to know more. There must be an ‘army’ all around us! <3

  2. Thank you for your comment. There are an army of angels around helping us to move forward in our spiritual evolution ? I’m working with 12 ArchAngels, Darashiel is one, who are the Earth’s Guardian Angels. They are here to encourage us to heal, expand our intuition and reconnect with one another ?

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