Change? No Thank You. Not Today!

changeSometimes the most random things pop into my head to get me to pay attention to myself. Today it was that old saying ‘A change is as good as a rest’. Having only just got back from a rest I wondered about the word change. Is it as good?

I have to say I’m resistant to change. No matter what I do I always end up debating with myself far too much about what to change, when, how and why. I also get very stress-headed about how any changes with me or what I do will affect other people. There are some wonderful people I know who embrace change. Or rush madly on looking for the next thing to change. I watch them relishing change. Forever tweaking, tinkering and remodelling themselves or their lives. One or two of them have told me to get with the changes. After all everything happens for a reason. And I agree with them. I know it does. That doesn’t mean I have to like change, lol.

Whilst I was away my thoughts kept returning to how I would be able to manage the Centre plus all the other stuff thats’s on it’s way in. Somethings have to change. I don’t have any more hours in the day or several extra pairs of my hands. Of course, in the best tradition of me, I hadn’t actually decided what I was going to change. I was still working out if it was all about the inner me changing or would some of it have to be the outer me and my world too. On top of that I was also trying to look from everyone else’s viewpoint. When I change who I am and what I do it changes things for others. Would it impact on them? Did they need to change too? Would they be ok? Could it end up being positive for all of us?

You can see that I was neatly boxing myself into a complete muddle. And I was getting cross with my Guides. They kept telling me that change was a good thing so get on with it.

I must be such a trial for them. I am a lot better at changing that I used to be. I’ve rushed into changes before only to rush back out. Sometimes I’ve wanted things to change so fast that I’ve scared myself and others. Or lost the plot altogether and dug my heels firmly into the ground. Last Friday was a decision day. One thing I know about myself is that I will eventually exhaust all my thinking capacity. There is a point when I will just do it. Exactly what my Guides always suggest I do in the first place. The I will trust that it all turns out for the best for everyone. I know that I am learning not to overthink everything.

Sometimes action is better than inaction. Especially when taking action quickly will bring me into harmony with the life plan I set myself before I got here. Perhaps I need to revisit my understanding of that old phrase. Change is the way I refresh myself and my life. It is how I grow and evolve. To resist change is to deny myself the opportunity to become someone new. To resist my changes is also to deny someone else an opportunity to become someone new too. I hope that the changes you are currently facing will help you to become the new you in as positive a way as possible. If you are struggling, like me, to embrace the change, take it bit by bit.

Remember, who knows what wonderful things are coming your way when you step into the new you.

Day 267 of my blogging challenge.

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