Change, Hope, ArchAngels

IMG_0760When something happens to turn life up-side-down our first reactions are shock and disbelief. Then the practical side of us kicks in. We want to sort ourselves out, resolve the problem or issue and get our life moving forward again. So we spring into action getting things done. Yet there are other thoughts and feelings still going round and round inside us. Sudden change and loss sets up a feeling of insecurity – a fear that if this can happen to me how can I have any certainty in my life anymore?

I’ve already blogged about the Talking Therapy as a way of dealing with those thoughts and feelings. I’d also like to pick up the thread in which I talked about angels. Because one of the biggest challenges with disaster and loss is how to find hope again. How to hold on to a spiritual belief in the midst of what seems like chaos. And how to resolve and release the emotional turmoil created by that fear. Today I was discussing that challenge with several people who have been affected by the recent flooding.

One of the Energy Beings who has been supporting me through the recent challenges in my life is Earth’s ArchAngel Dareshiel – The Watcher. He watches as emotions rise to the surface to be acknowledged & released. He can help when everything has become knotted up in emotion – when the confusion of what DO I feel? has become too much to sort out. He has been lending me detachment & helping me whilst I free myself from the tide of emotions that are flowing through me. Alongside that I am fortunate to have a safe place of peace & calm. The Centre that I was guided to set up has been an amazing resource for me through the last few weeks. It’s a place where I feel I can step out of the world for a short time to pay attention to my thoughts and feelings. Inside those four walls I have a space to contemplate, to let all the why questions surface and to find a sense of hope once more.

We cope with change in so many different ways – action, distraction, ignoring, denying, adjusting, accepting, embracing. Each way of coping eventually takes us into recognising our emotional responses to our changed circumstances. When you find yourself dealing with the emotions, needing to see the positive and searching for hope don’t let your feelings fester! Find a peaceful space, perhaps where there are some listening ears, and call on Dareshiel to help you become as still as a pond, reflecting back only peace & positivity.

Day 50 of my blogging challenge.

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