Challenge yourself!

imageMy live blog has been posted late! Another challenge came along to disturb my pattern of posting. Life is often like that. You make plans, fix them as concrete but other things step in the way to blow the plans off track. I’m very proud to have kept up my blog posting going every day so to find that I had forgotten my iPad & couldn’t post my Sunday blog was certainly frustrating. However, it’s what we do about the challenges that matters.

A couple of times before I’ve had to write my blog on paper – the old fashioned way to communicate, lol – and get onto the web later than planned. So one valuable thing I’ve already learned is to be flexible about this particular challenge. I could have got angry that I couldn’t sleep most of Saturday night. I could have been irritated at myself for not doing my blog much earlier in the day. I could have blamed the fact that I needed an early night because I had an early morning drive. But what would be the point? I have learned to trust that everything happens exactly as it should if only I let it. This makes life a lot calmer and more exciting at the same time. There is a point to ‘what will be will be’.

When I look back at my life I can understand my lack of patience was one of the biggest challenges I took on in making my plans to come here. I tend to think because I can see what is coming in, or when I have a vision of how things could be, that everyone is at exactly the same point of understanding. So why don’t they follow the plan? Of course, we are all at different point of evolution, sometimes in front and sometimes behind, much like being stuck in traffic when one lane speeds ahead and then we catch up & speed ahead of them. That is why we have set up reminders to encourage us to keep going with our challenges.

Those reminders can include the people who we meet or share our lives with, the books we read, the tv programmes we watch or the activities we choose to do to pass our earthly time. In the Celestine Prophecy the narrator of the story is advised to look at each meeting or connection with another person as a synchronicity; that these apparently random connections are full of information that will help him in his spiritual journeying. In the same way, if we step back and look for the patterns in out lives or the points when we were most challenged we can tease out the lessons we are learning. Paying attention to our challenges when they repeat themselves is a great way to evolve new ways of dealing with them. And if we get stuck you can guarantee that someone will come along in the nick of time to give us the clues we need to solve the challenge.

So I welcome (mostly) each challenge I get. Ok, there are occasions when I think oh no, not again! Yet I remind myself that I set these challenges up as a Spirit long before my body got here so I certainly wouldn’t have given myself anything I couldn’t succeed at. I also set myself challenges down here too. Everything I do has consequences, some of which are completely unexpected and unpredictable, so there are bound to be challenges. It’s a matter of accepting that each time I take on a challenge I will be able to handle it. So staying calm, getting on with it and enjoying what I can achieve without judgement seems to me to be the only sensible option. We can’t avoid the challenges so why not see the positive in each one?

Day 132 of my blogging challenge.

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