Catching Light Bulb Moments

Inspiration is catching. Like a virus it can spread from person to person. Chatting with people today was an exercise in all of us grabbing the light bulb ideas that suddenly seemed to surface in the conversations.

Right now there is a surge in inspiration. Waves and waves of new ideas are washing over us because we have stepped into a new cycle of energy. Options and solutions that were floating around in my sub conscious mind are freeing themselves to bubble up to the surface. My ideas are riding this wave of new energy. If I pay attention then right now I can find a new direction, new ways of doing things and new adventures. But best of all, as I talk to other people so can they. I love sharing these light bulb moments. Between us we can collaborate in catching all of them. And can help each other record them so they aren’t forgotten.

I think that’s the hard bit really. In a conversation catching hold of all the discussion means I have to be an active listener. If I give all of my attention to what the other person is saying perhaps my light bulb moment will disappear. Yet if we are both actively listening then both of us can do the catching. That was my experience today. Some really helpful, thought provoking discussions. Plus several new light bulbs switching on. Each time I asked for a pause. I grabbed my diary so I could make a note. Then the conversation moved on again. It was really fun. Especially as the number of light bulb ideas ended up about equal for each of us.

I also recognised the importance of my creative mind too. The intuitive bit that throws me answers when I’m stuck. Or encourages me to step out of my usual habits. So that I end up looking at new things with an open mind. So much has come out of three conversations today. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s the chance to turn on another light bulb! 

Day 463 of my blogging challenge.

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