Catching a Breath

imageWhere has the day gone? I’ve finally sat down to reflect on my day. And, of course, to write my blog.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to pack so much in. It’s like my diary fills itself in overnight. When I get up in the morning I do wonder when I’m going to be catching my breath for a moment. I’m very fortunate that my Guides send me plenty to do. They also make sure I pause every now and again. Sometimes for five minutes, sometimes an hour and every so often for a week or more.

I’ve ┬ánoticed that when you really love what you are doing it’s hard to stop. There is always something waiting to be done too. Yet I also know that catching your breath, however long you need to do it, is a fab way to recharge, reflect and refocus. If you love what you are doing enough to get lost in it its too easy to ignore the need for food, rest, a break, your family or friends, a social life. Having a pause gives you time for a balanced life.

Today my pause for breath came between readings. Catching myself feeling a little tired I got a cuppa and let my mind drift for a while.

I’ve been working out a shift in direction for my work. I am bringing in more of what I love doing and stopping some of what feels a bit like an effort. Of course there are new things as well. Containing my impatience to get started I have to end some of my other activities. That seems sensible but I always find it a bit hard to let go. Probably because I’m going to be stepping out of my current comfort zone. As my mind drifted ahead, then back, then ahead again I let myself notice where my resistance to changes was coming from.

I don’t like to do the same thing over and over. I tend to need to move my work every two to three years. Yet at the same time, if I’ve put my time and energy into something it’s my baby. I feel wholly responsible. Letting it fly the nest, so to speak, it the challenge. ┬áIf there are other people involved I worry about how my choices will impact them. Or that they may have to change what they do too. Sometimes it’s about working out if they are ready to fly too.

Of course, all my introspection may lead to deadlock. I have to be careful to keep moving myself forward.

That’s the really useful part of catching my breath. It’s a chance to keep filling my life with the things I love to do. The spin off of all the moments spent pausing for thought is the creative inspiration for new and positive growth. Like an athlete on a running track waiting for the starting gun, clearing my mind in those moments means I am flexible and ready for anything. Change is actually less stressful because I am expecting and embracing it. I guess I’m going to stay busy with pauses because I don’t want to stop what I’m doing. Here’s to the next pause though. I’m off to Tenerife for a longer catch of my breath soon, lol.

Day 276 of my blogging challenge.

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