Cat Comfort, Connecting With Peace

CatRight now the days are rushing by. I turn around and they are gone. Sitting with my cat tonight I smiled at the way she moves through time. She knows it doesn’t exsist. So she never get stressed.

My cat has taught me a lot. We have regular chats. That’s one of the things I love about being intuitive. I can use my psychic senses to tune in to her thoughts. Mostly her thoughts are ‘feed me’ or ‘sleep’ or ‘hunt’. On one level she is the instinctual animal we all are. But she also has very clear views about the nature of time, in that it doesn’t exsist, and about making sure that she rests enough. Because she says her best ideas come when she is relaxing. I have to say I find some of her conversations really intriguing. Her consciousness connects to other dimensions where most of her life is lived. I guess what she is saying is that she has a Spirit part to her too. One that can cross dimensions and time.

I know that’s why she wants me to understand that time can’t ever rule us. I also understand that she would like all of us to recognise that there is always enough time for everything. So that it’s perfectly ok to spend half a human day dreaming away. Because, as I am sure she would tell you, dreams are where we live too. They are the space where we can try on different lives for a while. Have different experiences. I certainly know when I’ve had a dream adventure. My cat would say I needed to break out of my human habit for a while. There are times when I know she is right about that. What my cat also shares with me is her comfort. She is here to help me find some peace. I know after a hectic day her presence is very soothing.

Right now she is purring gently beside me. Half asleep, she is keeping an eye on me. Making sure that I remove the energy of today before I head off to rest. It’s a precious gift to share my life with someone so devoted to my peace.

Day 672 of my blogging challenge 

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