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imageToday has been all about running a business – though perhaps not in the way that other people expect. First thing in the morning meetings really aren’t my style. I’m enough of a night owl to want a slower start to my day, especially if I’ve had a restless night’s sleep, so kick starting my mind for 8am was my first challenge of the day. I attended a Federation of Small Businesses Breakfast meeting at that time. We were discussing how to support each other and the wider business community so that the recovery for the local economy can happen as quickly as possible.

In the Calder Valley many businesses (one man bands all the way up to larger employers) haven’t had to face the nightmare of flood water in their premises but they do have to deal with the impact of a loss of trade. Householders & businesses putting their houses in order won’t be spending as much as they used to. Visitors might believe that the town is still closed. Some of these businesses will need help to find new customers (if they can) or ways to keep things going until things return to normal. That could take a long time. So it was useful to look at creative ways that we could support each other and to find out that some of our key events are still going to be happening.

We even have a new one! The townspeople have decided to have another go at Christmas. So on 25th June we will be getting out the tinsel, Santa will be calling & the Christmas tree will be looking amazing. Ok, so it may turn out to be the hottest day of the year but that will make a nice change. And on 26th it will be our fab Handmade Parade. Music, dancing, creative craftwork on display will make for a very different ‘Boxing Day’. There is always something happening here.

Tonight I went to one of the local pubs that has managed to reopen again – the Dusty Miller in Mytholmroyd. Another business meeting but for the crowd funding challenge 103 of us are part of. We are trying to raise £150,000 by 12th February so that our businesses can continue to offer our services to our community. We shared our stories, shared our strategies for making people aware of the funding bid and broke the remaining £34,000 we need into manageable chunks to raise. So raffles, press coverage, selling special or unique items are all on the list.

Many people suggest that mediums & psychics should offer their services for free. I don’t support that viewpoint. So that I can work full time in the service of Spirit I have to pay normal bills just like everyone else. Two years ago I made a commitment to my Guides & the Energy Beings that I would offer support & healing to as many people as I could. The way to do that turned out to be the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre. Setting up a sanctuary where people could come for a while to step out of the world. Where we could offer holistic therapies, counselling, healing and Spirit messages. Where people felt they could relax, de-stress and find a listening ear. The Centre isn’t run to give me an income – I subsidise the Centre with my mediumship.  It is a collaboration of like minded people who believe that support & healing should be available to all.

I still have to have a business plan, cash flow and an eye on the bottom line. I am still accountable to the bank & the business has to pay its bills. The admin still needs to be done. The difference for me is that I believe that the abundance needed to keep the Centre open will flow in. All I have to do is make sure that I am taking action in line with my intentions so that the Universe can make sure that everything happens in the way it should. Running a spiritual business has many things in common with any other business so it’s ok to have my business head on from time to time.

Day 71 of my blogging challenge.

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