Building the Merkabah

12509521_10153401399188014_1889181089826502635_nZooming through my Facebook newsfeed today I saw this picture. It was included in a post about a dream and I recognised it immediately. It’s a representation of something Spirit have been discussing with me for a long time. Knowing what it was I paused to read the post. Then to share what I understood about the images the dreamer had seen.

One of the ‘tasks’ throughout our Earth life is to deal with the flow of energy that surrounds us. Some of that energy is what we have chosen to bring in from past lives. Some is from the other humans around us. Some is from our planet, solar system, universe. Some is also from the other Energy Beings who work with & Guide us. Our Aura records all of the energy through our life journey for a particular purpose.

We are all in the state of building our Light bodies in this life. A Light body is the energy essence that is made up of Spirit, aura and physical presence. We shed the physical part of this Light body when we leave the Earth on death (although in astral travel we can temporarily leave the physical behind without having to die). Our chakras (the power stations that distribute the energy through the aura and physical body) are arranged in a formation that allows energy to be stored in a suitable way to keep us grounded in 3rd dimensional reality so we can run a physical body.

The energy we give & receive influences the Light body we wear when we return to Spirit (& this is why karma needs to be understood). It’s important at the moment because the whole energy system known as the Solar System is about to change (we have called this process acension) as is the way out Light bodies are configured. The Spirit world want us to know this so we can clean up our planetary act so to speak. Eventually we will realign our Light bodies from the diamond shape into a merkabah shape.





You can find this wonderful picture at Waking Times




This process won’t happen overnight. We have to understand our own energy, our karmic journey and our spiritual evolution so that we heal ourselves. When we do that we gently shift the chakra energy into  a new alignment so that we give and receive more positive energy flows. Eventually the balance of energy shifts permanently and the Merkabah alignment is achieved. That can take many lifetimes of experience & growth. Starting right now you can make a difference to your energy that will alter the Light body you wear in the 5th dimension. Next time around you may find you have less of the low or negative energy flows to deal with.

I hope that you will be intrigued enough about your Light body and the Merkabah chakra formation to find out more. Ask your Guides to help you find info or to bring your own inner wisdom & knowledge to light!

Day 65 of my blogging challenge.

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