Breathing Peacefully

It’s been another workshop day. To help me get into the right place to work breathing peacefully is part of my routine. I love the way focusing on my breath can bring me calmness.

I’ve had asthma for most of my life. When I first started to experience that tightness of breath and lack of air I panicked. It took me a while to learn that the way I gasped for breath only made things worse. As did the panic. But it was understandable. Breathing is something we rarely focus on. Until the times when we can’t breath properly. So I had to learn to deal with the asthma attacks. Mainly by learning how to relax and breath through those awful sensations. I used to remind myself that I could breath. I counted my breath in and and. It was important to me that I faced my fear and overcame this debilitating condition as much as possible.

Eventually my breathing techniques became second nature. If I started to wheeze my breath would automatically change. I instinctively responded to the challenge of the attack. Nowadays I don’t even think about breathing. I feel that is progress. But those experiences taught me a lot about using my mind to bring me a sense of calm. And later also a sense of peace. I became easy with the fact the I have asthma. I have worked with energy healing to release a lot of the past life deaths that are connected to the weakness I have in my chest. But enough remains for me to keep clearing the stuck energy every time an attack happens.

The idea of learning to breath in the energy of peace came up again today. In the workshop exercises I asked the participants to focus on their breathing.

Doing this helps to induce a meditative state. It also allows the mind to focus on the intention to be peaceful. Because I know that many of us have stuck energy in and around our lungs. The old saying ‘get it off your chest’ meaning to speak about something is very true. When I don’t speak about things that are affecting me the feelings get stored in my chest area. They can become heavy enough to restrict my breathing. Or my ability to speak out at all. Spending a few minutes feeling myself take each breath in and then let it out can start a clearing process. And that clearing process can lift my spirits.

By allowing myself to release old energy I can choose what I replace it with. So I always choose peace. When I fill myself up with peaceful energy I can also radiate that energy out to others through my aura connection with them. In fact I can do this with all sorts of feelings. When it’s noisy or turbulent I can radiate calm. If there is a lot of fear about I can radiate positivity. All I need is to breath the feeling into me. Then imagine it is being shared out to everyone I connect with. I am grateful for my asthma. It has given me a different way of responding to all sorts of situations. And it has given me peace šŸ’œ

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