Brave, Bravery and Bravest

I was watching the Disney Pixar movie Brave this afternoon with my daughter. We are taking a few days out to end our year as peacefully as possible.

As I watched the story unfold, of a girl who wants to live her life her way, I thought about being brave. This year has certainly tested my courage. And I know of many other people who have also had to find the bravery to get through it to. There have been many global events, including the ecological changes affecting our planet, that have surfaced our fears. I have to admit to being a bit surprised every time I look back and realise I did something brave. Every time I faced my fears.

Bravery is all about doing the unthinkable. Doing what I wouldn’t think I could ever do. I’m sure we all forget just how much bravery we have had. The friend facing an illness without an end, the child dealing day in and out with the bullies, the mother holding a family together no matter what. Moving from home or job to make a good life, sharing what you have with others, waving goodbye to a loved one for the last time. Because that is what ordinary people do. So many little actions to keep the world going as well as it can. I can think of many people I have met or heard of this year who have found the courage to keep going.

Because being brave means that there is hope. I feel the bravest thing of all is to find the hope in any set of circumstances.

I’m not dismissing heroic acts of bravery. Some of which make news headlines or are the talk of our communities. But I do feel that we miss the opportunity to acknowledge all the times we are at our bravest too. Whether it’s moving a spider from the bath or holding the hand of a loved one who is dying I know that these things take courage. So as the year ends I’d like to ask you to take a few moments to recognise your own bravery. Please see how brave you have been in 2016. Recognise that when you have been at your bravest you have moved mountains.

Life moves on. We are tumbling into 2017 so I’d like you to feel the hope I feel for the new year. Having faced all sorts of fear I know I won’t be beaten by anything. I will be able to be brave next year too. How about you?

Day 407 of my blogging challenge. 

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