Why Bother With An Agenda?

img_2365Throughout my life I’ve come across other people’s agendas. I have also had my own agenda. That list of things I’ve wanted and worried I wouldn’t get. Things I’ve worked hard to achieve because I though they were important.

The one thing I’ve rarely had, however, is a hidden agenda. First, I can’t be bothered with secrets and games. Second, my face tends to give the game away. And third, it always seems such a waste of energy. I’d much rather operate from the truth. So you will get my opinion, if you ask for it, warts and all. Why hide behind polite pleasantry when I’m not in agreement. Surely it’s better to acknowledge what I’m feeling as openly as possible. I do like having a list though. A plan of what I want to work towards. And I will happily share it if I’m asked.

If I’m still working out my agenda what I tell you might be a bit hazy. I might have to say I don’t know. But as soon as I do I will share the detail so we can work together. After all, your list might compliment mine. Or mine might support yours. It’s really great to work towards common goals or share a part of the journey. Sharing an agenda can be great fun too. A journey is so much easier when you have company to keep the road interesting. I love helping someone get to where they need to go. Even if that means I have to leave them at their resting point and journey on alone. Or they have to leave me behind instead.

One of the challenges with being psychic is I can tell when an agenda is open or hidden. It’s there in the other person’s energy.

I may not know all the detail. The small things might escape me for a little while. But I do know the big picture. And if I don’t my Guides are certain to make sure I find out. In some ways the need for hidden agendas is a disappointment to me. The world really would benefit from a lot more honesty. If we stopped disagreeing in secret and told it like it was. That way I’m sure we could all adjust our lists to make sure that everyone got what they wanted. I guess we would have to acknowledge a few key things though. Like I want what I want and never mind you. Or that’s mine and I’m not prepared to share. Even I want all the power and you can’t have any.

Lots of hidden attitudes. Lots of ways to act as an individual rather than a community. Or to gather power and support by joining in only with like minded people. I would love to set an agenda of sharing. A list of common goals that everyone could achieve. I know that Mother Earth has the means to provide food, shelter, warmth for all of us. We could create harmony by stepping away from hidden agendas, secret cliques and me me me. What keeps us from doing that? Is my internal agenda of fear too strong to let me share with everyone? Am I so stupid that I think no one sees my actions?

In the end, what I do know about myself is that I am prepared to examine my own inner agendas. To see if the actions I take will produce good for others too at some point. And I’m prepared to do it openly. How about you?

Day 379 of my blogging challenge.

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