Blossom on Display: Life Awakens

I took a walk around the town today. The blossom on the trees was so beautiful. The warmer weather is stirring the plants to bring out their Spring glory. It made me think about awakening.

My life has been a series of awakenings. Like the seasons I have entered a new phase over and over again. Childhood. Teenage. Adult. Parenthood. Middle age. Each part of my life reflects a time of growth. I have put out my blooms – the fruits of my efforts to grow – and shone as best I could. Then the blossom has faded. I have retreated into a winter of reflection to begin growing again. Sometimes that winter has been harsh. But often it has been a time to rest. Then the change in energy has called me awake again. Reminded me to be ready to bloom once more.

I think of my intuitive development in the same way. A cycle of awakenings. The blossom of one growth period being overtaken by the blossom of the next. When I think about my experiences I see that each cycle of time has taught me new spiritual lessons alongside my growing abilities. I know that these go hand in hand. To shine the best Light possible, to be of use to others, I will keep going through more awakenings. It makes sense. Spirituality, with my intuition, has to be lived. I have to learn to put both into my life. To adjust my life so that both encourage more blossoms when the season is right. I feel this is where people often fall by the wayside. Looking for a quick path, or a magic awakening without understanding that life has to be lived in each moment.

It’s tempting to want a short cut. That’s why we grow things out of season in artificial conditions. We can’t wait for the blossom to arrive naturally.

I know what it feels like to wait impatiently. When I found I was clairsentient most strongly I expect all of my other senses to kick in once I had awakened. Of course it didn’t happen like that. Because I hadn’t used my senses for so long that they took a lot of awakening. So they eventually clicked in one by one. Although I am still waiting for my clairvoyance to catch up even now. I am sure in time it will blossom. That will be another awakening to look forward to. I have also found that new aspects of my life have awakened as I respond to growing spiritually. My writing for instance. And my video pieces. These are new opportunities to awaken others.

For me the purpose of blossoming is to be the best me I can be. Alongside that there is also another strand. To encourage as much growth and blossom in others that I can. I write about my journey in the hope that my challenges and solutions will be food for thought for others. Because we are all awakening. The circumstances are right for everyone to discover their own intuitive abilities. And based on them to apply some deep thought and practice to living a spiritual life. Once a connection has been made to Energy Beings -really made – I believe we never see the world the same again. I know we are not alone. That we have love and support from talented ‘gardeners‘ to help us make the most of our time of blossoming. I’m looking forward to my next awakening.

Day 511 of my blogging challenge 

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